#100 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach – Epitome of the tree pointed star luxury

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is always associated with enduring prestige, state-of-the-art luxury and world class safety features. Over the years Mercedes-Benz has used its flagship saloon to pioneer many modern technologies, such as airbags, antilock brakes and stability control. The S-Class has also offered the most room for rear-seat passengers, making it a favourite of the wealthy, monarchy heads, business moguls and of course heads of state.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach

The current Mercedes-Benz S-Class, christened W222, continues with the same tradition established by its many innovative forbears and remains one of the most desirable choices for a flagship luxury saloons. In fact the current generation model is so popular, it is now regarded as one of the best-selling S-Class’ of all time. In one year the W222 managed to sell more than 100,000 units. Besides its wealth of features, opulent interior and bulletproof construction, the S-Class also stands out with an unmatched number of engine, body and model choices.
Standard S-Class

New to the range is a more luxurious stretch version, which promises to offer the very best from the Mercedes-Benz brand. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach is based on the S600. With an extra 8.1-inches of length this monumental car, named after the two influential and synonymous people in the automotive industry, is now the flagship saloon for the Mercedes-Benz brand.

S-Class Coupe

The car also marks the return of the Maybach brand. However, Maybach will now become a sub brand, which will offer first-class exclusivity to selected Mercedes-Benz cars. Some of the features that distinguish these vehicles from production models include extra spaciousness with lavishly designed interiors.

Longer than the standard car

Subtle yet noticeable changes in both the front and rear area differentiate the longest S-Class from its smaller siblings. Chrome touches are visible on the grille, air intakes and rear bumper. At the left of the boot lid is the ‘Maybach’ lettering. The key distinguishing features between the standard S-Class and the Maybach S-Class are visible from the side.

Powerful V12 heart

The door has no triangular window. This has been relocated into the C-pillar. As a result, the rear seats are situated beyond the door cut-out, which creates a feeling of exceptional privacy and exclusivity. The triangular windows and other glass areas alike have chrome surrounds. The B-pillar is also covered in chrome. The elegant Maybach logo adorns the C-pillars on both sides.

Chauffeur’s office  

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach is available with two power units. The entry level power unit is the V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes-Maybach S 500. This particular 4.6-litre engine has an output of 335 kW (455 hp) and 700 Nm of torque. Paired with the engine is a 9-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is recorded at nine litres per 100 kilometres.

Champagne cabinet  

The top-of-the-range model is the Mercedes-Maybach S 600. Its 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine has an output of 390 kW (530 hp) and 830 Nm of torque. The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. paired with the engine a 7-speed automatic.

large panoramic glass roof 

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach features a top notch luxurious interior, which can be fully customised to suit a customer’s individual needs. The doors feature a hand stitched trim as part of the standard equipment. Exclusive features used in the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class are wood/chrome trims, leather at shoulder height in the door panels and fibre-optic cables for the ambience lighting. For an exclusive look, the front centre armrests feature an embossed Maybach logo.

Front seats

As standard the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is fitted with a panoramic sliding sunroof. This roof system and its large glass areas make for an especially bright and friendly ambience in the interior. Rear passengers are protected from prying eyes by the standard electronic blinds. Between the rear seats is a wine chiller box allowing for some champagne popping while on the move. 

A DVD player (located in the centre arm rest), two high-resolution 10.2-inch displays, radio remote control and two wireless headsets keeps the rear passengers entertained. A 24-speaker, 1540 watts Burmester high-end 3D surround sound system offers occupants with an unparalleled mix of fine, natural sounds and high bass.

Rear DVD entertainment package 

The benefits of extending the wheelbase are felt entirely in the back of the luxury saloon. The shape of the roof has boosted headroom at the rear. Multi adjustable executive seats are fitted at the back. Each part of the seat can be adjusted individually. As standard, the luxury head restraints come with an extra cushion. The front passenger seat can also be moved forward to further free room for the rear seat behind it.

Individual rear seats 

This in turn allows the rear seat to be fully reclined allowing one to even sleep or rest while on the move. Both executive seats feature a massage, heating and cooling function as standard. Like an aircraft seat, the centre console is available with two tables which can be easily folded in or out using one hand. Two articulated joints on the stem and underside of the table enable it to be adjusted to almost any position. The automatic A/C system filters air coming into the interior. The system also sprays fragrance to enhance the air.  

Comfortable airline like reclining seats 

For passengers in the rear, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the world’s quietest production saloon car. That is as a result of positioning the passenger away from the side windows. The luxury saloon also features noise proof seals at the doors. Other sound proofing measures in the rear are a generous area of insulation around the single seats. The underbody of the car and wheel arch lining have an insulating and absorptive effect, which reduces high-frequency tyre noise in the interior.
With the tables out

As an addition to the portfolio of S-Class saloons, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sets new benchmarks in the luxury segment. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class melds the perfection of the S-Class with the exclusivity of Maybach. Impressive spaciousness, elegant design and high-quality materials create an ambience of the highest standard, particularly in the rear of the vehicle. The luxury vehicle is also more affordable compared to close rivals from Bentley or Rolls Royce.

Maybach lettering and chrome touches

Whether the saloon will be popular like its shorter sibling will be known as the car goes on sale later this year. There is no denying the fact that the latest S-Class range of vehicles are the best Mercedes-Benz has ever created. Prices for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach start $ 166,700 in America.