2008 Mazda Demio – Eye-catching and dynamic

Launched in September 2007 as Mazda’s first new-generation Zoom-Zoom vehicle to evolve to the next level, the Mazda Demio was an instant hit all over the world. The 2008 Mazda Demio adopted the great qualities from its predecessor model, which continues to have a great fan base in Kenya. The striking small hatchback has won over 20 automotive awards. 
2008 Mazda Demio
 Mazda has already debuted an all-new model, which replaces the 2008 Demio. However, thanks to the used car market, Kenyans will continue to sample the great appeal this little hatchback has to offer. Boasting a dynamic, attention-grabbing design, the 2008 Mazda Demiomakes a lasting impression on trendy urban buyers, looking for a sassy car that offers the perfect blend of practicality and sporty appeal. 

Front looks

Its dynamic design, sharp contours, low roofline, and compact dimensions create a lasting impression with a wide ranging appeal. The design team combined the visual movements created by the car’s silhouette, the lines of the body, and the patterns of light on the body to create dynamic, multifaceted expressions that are trendy and energetic. The visual movement is created by the hatchback’s silhouette, the lines of the body, and the patterns of light over the body are combined to create an appealing look. The resulting exterior design exudes a powerful energy that makes the 2008 Mazda Demio look as though it’s about to move even when it’s parked.

Previous generation model

The 2008 Mazda Demio is available with two power units: a 1.3-litre and a 1.5-litre. The 1.3-litre engine boasts a maximum output of 62kW (83 hp) @ 6 000rpm and a torque peak of 121 Nm @ 3 500rpm, while the 1.5-litre Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) engine offers 76 kW (101 hp) of power at 6 000rpm and a maximum torque of 136 Nm at 4 000rpm. The power units offer confident and dynamic performance, with ample torque delivery and good fuel economy throughout the rev range. The 1.3-litre power unit consumes 5.4l/100km. Similarly the 1.5-litre models return an impressive figure of 5.9l/100km.


The 2008 Demio offers a quiet and sophisticated ride thanks to the efforts of Mazda engineers to minimize the overall weight of the hatchback. This refined body structure adds to the excellent fuel economy, and most importantly it does this without any sacrifice to safety. The suspension has been optimally tuned and the steering and braking systems are of the highest standard. The result is agile but stable handling, a high degree of manoeuvrability and reassuring control enabling entry users and experienced drivers alike to enjoy driving with confidence. 
Room for five occupant
Despite its compact appearance on the outside the 2008 Mazda Demio offers spacious and practical storage solutions on the inside, with numerous storage compartments on offer. Sophisticated trim details featuring black upholstery off set by silver detailing add to the sassy nature of the cabin. The visual appeal is matched by the 2008 Mazda Demio’s high levels of specification. All 2008 Mazda Demios are available with a CD sound system featuring MP3 compatibility. 


Models available on used car lots feature either manual or automatic air-conditioning.Other options such as rain sensing wipers, keyless entry, electrically operated windows and mirrors, exterior air thermometer, driver information system and front and rear fog lamps are fitted as well. This however, depends on the version of the 2008 Mazda Demio you find at the used car lot. The must have top of the range model offers a 6CD changer with 6 speakers and audio controls on the steering wheel as a standard feature.
Rear design
Entry-level hatchbacks have been getting better and better with the passing years. For the most part, it’s getting harder to refer to them as penalty boxes as they’ve been receiving ever-increasing levels of comfort and features. The 2008 Mazda Demio fits the description above with perfect accuracy. If you’re looking for an inexpensive set of wheels that’ll get you where you need to go without being a complete snooze to drive, the 2008 Mazda Demio is worth a look.