2009 Toyota Mark X – Better looking, more luxurious and great value

The Toyota Mark X is the successor to the popular Toyota Mark II. The Toyota Mark II has enjoyed sales figures of 4.8 million since its first incarnation in 1968. The Toyota Mark II is also known as the Toyota Chaser in Japan. The Toyota Mark X is mainly targeted to individuals in their 30s who have a family. In Japan it is aimed at the middle market segment though the Mark X impressive features and looks fit it more to the luxury segment.

2009 Toyota Mark X

The first generation Mark X has enjoyed successful sales in Kenya and still remains one of the top choice used mid-sized saloon cars on sale today. Unknown to many Kenyans, there have been three successive generations of the Mark X, with the latest third generation model having debuted in Japan last year. Our main focus is on the appealing second generation model, which many used car firms have begun importing to Kenya in high volumes. 


1st generation Mark X

The design concept behind the 2009 Marx X blends dynamism and style. The saloon’s silhouette is smooth and elegant, with expansive front and rear pillars to emphasize integration with the under body. The 1,435 mm height and 20 mm expansion for both width and track give the saloon a low centre of gravity. Rear-wheel drive allows a front-and-rear weight distribution ratio of 54:46 for stable driving.

Aggressive front

The bumper’s wide opening and deep-set fog lights emphasize the face’s low centre of gravity and wide stance, while the three-lamp linear layout of the headlights and a mesh grille, with an imposing X letter, enhance the car’s aggressive look. The combination tail lights also have a three-lamp linear layout, while lights built into the lid of the boot complete the total redesign of the 2009 Mark X. Kenyans can choose the 2009 Mark X with a choice of six body paint. 

The 2009 Mark X is available with two power units. The bigger and powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine features a management system that provides the ample and comfortable cruising characteristic of a full-scale sports saloon. The 2.5-liter V6 engine (two-wheel drive) models offer outstanding acceleration, going from zero to 100km/h in just 8.4 seconds. Reduced friction resistance in the suspension and higher arm rigidity enhance manoeuvrability and provide in-touch-with-the-road steering and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Distinct profile

The sports type models are equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension, which combines mono-tube shock absorbers and computer control of damping force, delivering an exceptional ride, superior handling, and stable cruising performance. The newly adopted Variable Gear Ratio Steering system, which controls the angle of the front wheels according to car’s speed to improve steering performance, is coupled with optimized electric power steering, resulting in outstanding handling. 

The 2009 Mark X’s interior is sporty and dynamic, combining quality and precision that evokes a feeling of driving pleasure. The leather-covered steering wheel’s thicker ergonomic grip and a leather-booted gearshift add to the sporty feel. The angles of the seat cushion and sides of the front seats have been optimized for superior hold.

Spacious interior

The driver’s seat also features a switch-operated motorized lumbar support function that shifts the seatback forward or back to improve back comfort during driving. The shoulder portion of the door trim for the front and rear seats has been pushed outward, while the distance between the front seats has been resulting in a roomier interior. 

Other features
The multi-information display, which indicates average fuel efficiency, possible cruising distance and other data, features, is clearly visible thanks to the adoption of a high-contrast white, organic electroluminescent (EL) display. Fully automatic independent temperature controls for the driver and passenger sides-standard on all models feature a function to remove pollen, dust and other impurities from the air in the cabin.


An HDD infotainment system features multimedia and other advanced functions. The HDD infotainment system features a digital TV tuner and is paired with 12 speakers optimally placed to provide sound quality comparable to a live performance. The Intelligent Parking Assist system uses ultrasonic sensors installed in the front of the saloon. The system detects a suitable parking-space and helps the driver parallel park or reverse into a parking space by informing the driver when to turn the steering wheel and where to start backing up.


Appealing rear look

The 2009 Toyota Mark X improves on every aspect the first generation model has. Although prices might scare away potential buyers, they should come down as more and more units flood the market. The 2009 Toyota Mark X is a great alternative to the Toyota Crown and Lexus GS saloon. Inquire units from authorised and reputable Japanese used car importers.