#46 Chevrolet Utility – Small, practical and efficient

Evolved from the Corsa Utility, which laid the foundations for what has become an icon in the sub-one ton pick-up market, the Chevrolet Utility first broke cover in its native Brazil early in 2011 where it is known as the Chevrolet Montana.The Utility enters the global market, with an infusion of Chevrolet DNA clearly apparent. The frontal view incorporates a bold face typical of all current generation Chevrolets defined by a strong dual-port grille design, with the traditional “bow-tie” emblem placed on the separator bar between the two ports. This unmistakeably defines this new sub-1 ton pick-up as pure Chevrolet.
Chevrolet Utility 

The Chevrolet Utility outline is defined by a series of crisp styling lines, flowing out from the strong body colour bumper and around the smart elliptical shaped headlights. The headlights bring their own element of style to this attractive small pick-up, sweeping back as they do from the top edge of the body colour bumper through to centre of the front fenders. The up-to-the-minute chrome bezel styling treatment with polycarbonate lenses for the lamps brings a fresh, fun, styling approach to the segment. The rear of the pick-up is defined by the modern rear light clusters, once again with polycarbonate lenses used to great effect against a backdrop of chrome bezels for these fittings. A marginally lower tailgate height vastly improves rearward visibility.Functional elements of the exterior design include the large side step that assists in providing access to the load box over the side, and cargo hooks to secure smaller loads.The large load box can carry between 763 kilograms of goods.
Economical power units 

Powering the Chevrolet Utility is a 1.4-litre power unit, which churns out 68 kW (91 hp) and a maximum torque of 120 Nm. The 1.4-litre unit consumes 7.2-litres/100 km and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The Chevrolet Utility’s suspension uses McPherson struts in the front and a trailing arm, torsion bar arrangement at the rear. The suspension set up rewards the Chevrolet utility with a supple ride, which comes in handy on bumpy road.

Storage space behind the seats is a voluminous 164 litres. In addition, there is a range of ten additional storage spaces for oddments of various sizes ranging from coins to quite large size items. The B pillar storage compartment offers a concealed space for more valuable items. The large storage trays in the door panels are provided with separators to allow them to be tailored for specific storage requirements. Two cup holders are provided in front of the gear lever. The instrument cluster is reminiscent of a Formula 1 car, with analogue readouts for speed on the left side and tachometer and fuel gauge on the right. In the centre, there is a range of digital readouts for the odometer and trip meter as well as an array of warning lights. Illumination is by ice blue backlighting. All needles and gauges perform a full sweep calibration check when the ignition is switched on.
Comfortable seats 

The interior of the Chevrolet Utility features up-to-the-minute styling trends. The dashboard styling features well placed controls within easy reach of the driver for excellent ergonomics. Air vents, door handles, door side panels, all have a fresh edgy look to them while digital ventilation controls set a new standard in the segment. Even the gear lever design is easy on the eyes thanks to its comfortable grip and nifty slide-switch reverse interlock.A feature of the new Chevrolet Utility is the higher seating position for driver and passenger that provides for better all-round visibility and a better feeling of being in command of the pick-up, more in keeping with its utility application. The driver’s seat is height adjustable as is the steering column. The shape of the seats has been refined to provide a higher level of comfort and features an innovative cushion shape.
Practical and spacious load bay


The Chevrolet Utility is practical, easy to live with, and a fairly trimmed pick-up. The Chevrolet Utility has all what is needed to make it a desirable pick-up such as the ability to haul 700kg of rubble along a bumpy road. Whether you think the Chevrolet Utility is good-looking or not, there’s no doubting its ability to perform the task is designed for. In the long run, the beauty of the Chevrolet Utility is truly is in the eye of the key-holder.