#48 Land Rover Defender – Legendary and timeless appeal

The Land Rover Defender pedigree dates back to the original Series 1, which was created in 1948. The original series 1 Land Rover quickly became popular and was the darling of many scientists, explorers, and later government institutions. It’s often claimed that the first car people saw all over the world was a series 1 Land Rover.

Land Rover Defender 

The Land Rover Defender’s body style in two- and four-door form carried on into the 1980s as Series II and Series III. Land Rover’s utilitarian off-road SUV became known as the Defender Ninety and Defender One Ten in 1985, with the numbers respectively representing the two- and four-door models’ wheelbases, rounded to the nearest 10.

Series I Land Rover 

These models were changed to the numerical 90 and 110 from 1991 and continue to be sold all over the world today. The Land Rover Defender has received numerous updates over the years to make it more capable, economical, comfortable, and convenient. For people seeking a higher level of specification in their Defender, Land Rover has just updated its option list to offer even more exterior and interior choices.

First vehicle many saw across the world 

Overall design changes introduced in 2007 remain unchanged with the updated Defender. However customers can now order the utilitarian SUV with a range of contrast roof colours. There is also introduction of two new colours namely Barolo Black and Havana.

Tough, dependable and rugged 

The chassis frame is available in three different wheelbases and in both standard and heavy-duty. The chassis is married to a total of 14 separate body styles such as pick-ups, soft-tops, crew cabs and station wagons. One can also order a unique bespoke Land Rover Defender to suit their needs.

Front design 

The updated Land Rover Defender features a new economical and powerful 2.2-litre diesel unit. The engine has an output of 89 kW (120 hp) and 360 Nm of torque. The engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 14.7 seconds and has a top speed of 145 km/h.

Refined engines

Paired with the power unit is a six-speed gearbox. The lower first gear offers low crawl speed making off-roading much easier. The low-down engine torque also helps in-gear acceleration and the tall sixth gear ensures excellent real-world cruising, refinement and fuel economy.

Defender Station Wagon 

The Land Rover Defender’s facia, inspired by Discovery 3 dashboard, features a single, large moulding supported on a robust steel rail to help eliminate squeaks and rattles. The instruments provide clear, concise information to the driver with LED illumination.

Discovery inspired cockpit 

A powerful heating and ventilation system is designed to cope with the most extreme climates and features aluminium plate and fin heat exchangers to deliver impressive performance. Tall front seats are designed to improve maximum back support and headrest ergonomics in the most demanding of driving conditions and there are robust, supportive second row seats too. Versatile stowage shelves are conveniently located for both the driver and passenger.

Customize to your desires 

The 110 Station Wagon, 110 Double Cab Pick Up and 130 Crew Cab models, can comfortably accommodate three occupants on the second row seat. The Station Wagon second row seats can easily fold flat to accommodate large and heavy loads.

Middle row seats 

The Defender 90 Station Wagon second row occupants benefit from a pair of individual, full-size, forward-facing rear seats. The third row seats are accessed either through the rear door or by folding the second row seats. They can also be easily folded and stowed sideways in the boot.

Alpine sound system 

All seats get three-point safety belts for increased safety. All models can be ordered with tinted glass that boosts interior privacy. The base entertainment system is a single-slot CD/USB/AUX radio with a 4 way 50W amplification and an optional audio upgrade available for Bluetooth connectivity with remote microphone. One can also order the Defender with powerful Alpine-branded Hi Line 150W low profile subwoofer system with 10cm coaxial speakers replacing the standard units.
Rear design 
The iconic Defender continues with its rugged looks and abilities. Now customers have an option of customizing the Defender to suit their personal taste. You have until the end of 2015 to get yourself a proper old school Defender. An all-new model is already in development and is set to take the Defender’s spot from 2016.