#55 Bentley Flying Spur – Superlative class and performance

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a practical four door version of the GT. Just as with the GT, the Flying Spur provides meticulous craftsmanship, near flawless leather covering almost every interior surface and rich wood trim. Naturally, the Continental Flying Spur also maintains the company’s reputation for performance.

Bentley Flying Spur 

Power is provided by a massive W12 engine and handling is surprisingly composed. For 2014, the Flying Spur loses its Continental badge but still retains the unrivalled blend of effortless driveability, exquisite luxury, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology that the previous generation model was renowned for.

Previous generation model 

The Bentley Flying Spur features a lower, wider appearance with sharp lines and gently curvaceous surfaces. A lower roof line, deeply sculpted panels, precise feature lines and a muscular rear give the Flying Spur a more aggressive stance and a powerfully dynamic look. At the front of the car, a more upright chrome grille sits between the pairs of jewel-like LED headlamps.

Striking front 

The outer headlamps are larger compared to the inner one. This help to emphasize the front’s wide stance. Below the upright chromed grille is a large full width air intake, which gives the Flying Spur a striking face.

Front headlamps 

The front fenders feature a striking new wing vent complete with an elegant Bentley ‘B’ motif. At the rear, a longer and lower boot lid lends a more swept appearance to the side profile. The LED tail lamps combine the Bentley ‘Horse Shoe’ feature line, which runs the full width of the rear giving the car striking concave section. Chrome strips and two oval shaped exhaust pipes sum up the rear design of the Flying Spur.

‘B’ motif 

Underneath the Flying Spur’s aluminium bonnet is a 6.0-litre, twin turbocharged, 48-valve W12 power plant. The W12 power unit delivers an outstanding 460 kW (616 hp) and a staggering 800 Nm. This makes the Flying Spur the fastest and most powerful four door Bentley! Coupled to the W12 is an eight-speed, quick-shift automatic transmission from ZF.

Bentley Continental GT 

The new Bentley Flying Spur consumes 14.7 litres/100 km. The transmission feeds power to all four wheels via Bentley’s renowned all-wheel drive system. With outstanding ride comfort of vital importance, the independent computer-controlled air suspension of the new Flying Spur is redesigned to maximise impact absorption and isolation. As the new Flying Spur approaches its 322 km/h top speed, the ride height is automatically lowered via the air suspension system in order to compensate for aerodynamic forces. Braking performance is provided by the large Carbon Silicon Carbide discs which are visible behind the standard 19-inch wheels.

Striking wheels 

The Flying Spur’s exquisite exterior is complemented by an equally striking interior. Available in both four- and five-seat configurations, the Flying Spur features redesigned front and rear seats trimmed in natural premium-quality leather. The new seats use a softer yet more durable hide. For the four-seat variant, the centre console sweeps from the front to the rear cabin and introduces an additional storage area together with a beautifully crafted stowage case, trimmed in veneer to match the exterior paint of the car.

Utilising almost ten square metres of sustainably sourced natural wood per car, the Bentley Flying Spur features book-matched and mirror-polished veneer to the fascia panels, consoles and the rear picnic tables. To enhance the “wrap-around” feel of the cockpit, the veneer of the dashboard meets that of the doors in a perfectly aligned curve, giving the impression of an unbroken arc of wood around the interior.

First class interior appointments 

The wood veneers are crafted by hand and take about 72 hours to be completed. To complete the luxurious and opulent nature of the interior, the roof lining and pillars are also trimmed in natural leather. Electrically-operated rear side blinds, fitted as standard, enhance privacy for rear-seat passengers if desired. Behind the central rear armrest is a nine-litre bottle cooler, which keep drinks perfectly chilled.

Power unit 

The Flying Spur is equipped with carefully selected state-of-the-art technology, for both the driver and passengers. Central infotainment is controlled through a high resolution 8-inch touch-screen interface.
Rear seats 

An eight-channel, eight-speaker audio system features optimum sound clarity and can play music from an on-board hard drive, CDs, DVDs, SD cards and via an iPod. The Naim for Bentley Premium Audio System, featuring redesigned separate subwoofers for improved bass extension and 1100 Watts of power, is available as an option for those wishing for the ultimate in-car audio experience.

Majestic rear 

The Bentley Flying Spur significant redesign and improvement has made it a must have performance luxury saloon. Bentley has ironed out the previous generation car’s outdated styling and have given the saloon a match deserved striking and majestic look. The classy interior ensures all occupants, chauffeured or driving the car, enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. If you have £154,000 to spend on a car, I highly recommend you consider Bentley’s Flying Spur.