#88 Tesla Model S – Pure electric mobility

A group of engineers in Silicon Valley formed Tesla Motor in 2003. The engineers aimed to prove that electric vehicles can be more usable and efficient compared to petrol powered cars. The company’s name comes from a great electronic engineer called Nikola Tesla. Mr. Nikola patented the very first induction motor. A common example of an induction motor is the one used to propel the blades of a household fan.
Tesla Model S

Tesla adopted the technology in making a powertrain for a car. The company’s first attempt in making a car was the Tesla Roadster. The two seat sports incorporated an induction motor and lithium-ion batteries providing a driving range of 394 km per charge. The roadster quickly became popular and was sold in more than 30 countries.
Nikola Tesla 

In 2012, Tesla decided to enter into the luxury saloon segment with the Model S. The Tesla Model S luxury sport sedan features a thoroughly modern and upscale interior, which is enveloped by a sleek exterior. It also has the potential for stunning performance in terms of both acceleration and handling. Yet, as with many electric vehicles, the Model S provides near-silent propulsion, further enhancing its luxurious silence on the road.
Striking profile 

Measuring about 196 inches in length, this luxury saloon is roughly the size and shape of a Porsche Panamera. Power is sent to the rear wheels by a single-speed transmission and single water-cooled electric motor that is fed by one of four distinctly different lithium-ion battery packs. The battery packs are integrated into the chassis underneath the passenger compartment of the car, lowering the centre of gravity for excellent handling and a great driving comfort.
Tesla Roadster 

With the base 40 kWh battery pack, the Model S is capable of 235 hp and has a range of just over 160 km. The 60 kWh option produces 302 hp and a range of 330 km while the 85 kWh provides 362 hp and allows the Tesla Model S to cover a distance of 460 km. The top-of-the-line 85 kWh Performance model has the same 460 km range but is capable of 416 hp. Zero to 60 mph ranges from an admirable 6.5 seconds to a blistering 4.3 seconds.

Multifunctional instrument cluster 

Towards the end of 2014, Tesla unveiled two more derivatives of the Model S with all-wheel drive and twin electric motors. The two versions of the Tesla Model S, the 85D (standard all-wheel drive version) and P85D (performance version of the all-wheel drive model), offers improved performance and handling. The P85D model for example can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest accelerating four door saloons on offer today.


There are also several charging options offered. All Tesla Model S versions can use standard 110- and 240-volt household outlets. Using a 240-volt circuit, the base 40 kWh battery would take about 5 hours to fully charge. Bigger battery packs can also use a dual charging system that can half the charge time. Using this system, count on about four hours to charge the 60 kWh or 85 kWh packs. In counties where Tesla is on sale such as USA and UK there are a network of high-speed superchargers that can charge the Model S’ batteries to 80% in under 30 minutes. The supercharging services are offered for free to all Tesla customers.
Tesla Superchargers

Inside, one of the Tesla Model S’s most striking features is the centrally mounted 17-inch touchscreen. It does an excellent job of replacing conventional knobs and buttons and also allows users to customize the layout of controls. The interior itself is a model of modern simplicity and is elegantly executed. There is room for up to seven occupants. This is thanks to the addition of two rear-facing seats located in the boot.
Tesla Model X

Today, more than 50,000 Tesla vehicles are in circulation worldwide, and the company is preparing to launch the Model X, an SUV, that is expected to go on sale later this year. With stunning acceleration, Falcon doors and three rows of seats, the Model X will be a stunning and efficient crossover.

Coupe looking rear


The Tesla Model S is one of the best electric powered vehicles ever created. No car on the planet can boast of offering top notch luxury, versatility, performance and a free fuel bill. Opt for the top ranging battery pack and you can comfortably cover more than 400 km with a single charge. The Tesla Model S is currently available in both LHD and RHD at a starting price of £50,000 (Kshs 7 million excluding taxes).