#92 Acura NSX – Rebirth of an icon

The original NSX was the first production car in the world to feature aluminum construction for its body structure, body panels, suspension and engine. The sports car’s engine also pioneered the use of variable valve timing (VVT). Despite being a car of innovative firsts, the Acura NSX never saw big sales numbers after its initial debut.

Acura NSX

However, its great driving and handling characteristics made it a darling of race car drivers and super car enthusiast. An all-new model is set to take its place 25 years after the maiden debut of the first generation NSX. The new NSX is a mid-engine sports hybrid supercar designed to match other competitors in the supercar segment.

Original Acura NSX

The Acura NSX’s body features classic low and wide proportions married to modern and alluring surfacing, an aggressive front design, and tail lights that pays homage to the original NSX. The signature side intakes and floating C-pillar channel air to feed the mid-mounted engine. The intakes also direct airflow over the rear deck to increase downforce.

Sporty proportions 

Every element of the exterior body design has been carefully fashioned for total airflow management in order to improve stability and engine cooling. The production version of the NSX features a number of significant changes from concept to final body design, including modified bonnet vents, new front fender vents, modified side air intakes, and an optimized deck spoiler compared to the concept car showcased in 2012.

View from the top

At the heart of the Acura NSX’s performance capabilities is an all-new mid-mounted V6 engine with twin turbochargers mated to a 9-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). Engine performance figures have not been released at the moment. Three electric motors are fitted in the Acura NSX. The rear electric motor, housed between the engine and transmission, supports acceleration, braking and transmission shifting performance.

2012 Acura NSX concept 

The two extra motors are used to drive the front wheels. The Acura NSX utilizes a fully independent, all-aluminum front and rear suspension, just like the first generation model. The Acura NSX rides on light alloy 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels. Stopping power is provided by the large carbon ceramic discs concealed behind the light allow rims. 

Engine layout

Handling is greatly enhanced by the Acura NSX’s Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All Wheel Drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD). The system allows for quick response to all driver inputs and also ensures the supercar remains stable during driving.  The NSX’s dial-operated Integrated Dynamic System (IDS) features Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes.

Driver focused interior 

The system adjusts engine, motor, transmission and chassis response, as well as the engine sound level, based on the needs of the driver and driving environment. Quiet mode enables electric-only driving at lower speeds for short durations. Dynamic vehicle responses become increasingly sharp as the driver moves from Sport to Sport+ mode and, finally, to Track mode, where the NSX delivers its full performance credentials.

Sports seats 

The Acura NSX Interior is designed from the inside out with an uncompromising focus on the driver. The interior also boasts exceptional forward visibility, simple and intuitive controls, and great comfort. The Acura NSX’s instrument cluster features a dynamic TFT display that responds to changes in the driver-selectable Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) with pertinent graphics and information. The center console holds the Power button that readies the sport hybrid powertrain, nested in the center of the IDS dial control. An ultra-thin, yet super strong A-pillar design and low-mounted dashboard minimize obstructions to the driver’s view of the road.
Rear LED lights pay homage to the original NSX


The return of the legendary Acura NSX will is certainly a welcomed gift for super car enthusiast. The Acura NSX on of the most advanced hybrid technologies guaranteed to offer a thrilling ride. The Acura NSX is certainly going to be a better performer compared to the first generation model. The Acura NSX will be badged as Honda in other international markets in Europe, Africa and Asia.