#97 2006 Nissan Skyline – A must have gem

Ever since its premiere in 1957, the Skyline has been enthusiastically favoured by many customers as a saloon that always provides outstanding driving pleasure, joy of ownership and other superior attributes backed by cutting-edge technologies. While undergoing changes in form and incorporating enhanced performance over the years, the Skyline has consistently remained true to its roots.

2006 Nissan Skyline

The outgoing Skyline, introduced in 2006, has enjoyed a strong reputation for their sporty designs, high-quality interiors and exhilarating performance. The latest 13th generation Nissan Skyline is already on sale in Japan, having debuted in 2014.

Nissan Skyline coupe

The 2006 Nissan Skyline’s exterior is dominated by fluid lines, combined with a sleek aerodynamic and sporty-look. Its longer nose, sharply raked A-pillar, forward-leaning roofline, and fluidly curving character line, which wrap around the rear wheel arches, bring out the Skyline’s rear wheel drive proportions. The bonnet features a sculptured front-grille and headlamps. The front bumper is adorned at each end with distinct fog lamps.

2014 Nissan/Infinity Skyline

The integrated spoiler for the rear blends with L-shaped tail lamps, while the double exhaust tips adds to the purposeful high-performance image. The sportier models, such as the 370GT Type SP, get a unique front splitter and rear diffuser. The 2006 Nissan Skyline rides on larger 18-inch (sports models) and 17-inch (standard models) aluminium wheels. In the sport models, it is equipped with different sized front (225/50R) and rear (245/45R) tyres for added performance.

Nissan Skyline crossover 

The 2006 Nissan Skyline is powered by a choice of two V6 engines. The entry level 2.5-litre unit generates 190 kW (255 hp) and 262 Nm of torque. The more powerful 3.5-litre unit delivers 234 kW (315 hp) and 358 Nm of torque. Both power units are paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to the rear wheels (2WD) or all wheels (4WD). All sporty versions of the 2007 Nissan Skyline feature paddle shifters as standard. The paddles are made of solid, light-weight magnesium. A four-wheel active steering system, adjusts the steering angles of the front and rear wheels in accordance with driving speeds and steering operation, allowing for greater control at low and medium speeds, and smooth effortless cruising at higher speeds. The result is a car that responds well to the driver’s commands no matter the driving condition.

Inside the 2006 Nissan Skyline is a classy and welcoming driver focused interior. The lowly placed seats deliver a more sporty drive position. A greater margin for adjustment is offered on the seats as well as the steering wheel. The front seat offers firm support and comfort to ensure tireless driving in either day-to-day traffic or long-distance cruse. There is also plenty of headroom and rear-seat space. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear-shifter are hand-stitched for refined craftsmanship quality.

Seating arrangement

All the switches and dials are ergonomically designed for smooth easy-to-reach operation and offer a refined tactile feel. An infotainment system offers digital television, music playback and USB connectivity. Sportier Nissan Skylines come equipped with a powerful Bose sound system as standard equipment to enable the occupants of all seats to enjoy concert hall-like sound quality.

The Skyline’s rear 


The 2006 Nissan Skyline is a great looking sporty car, fit for a great cruise on the road or for short hops across town. The car’s comfortable and striking interior is a joy to sit in and the music from the Bose sound system will calm your nerves even in the craziest of traffic jams. A more off-road suitable crossover version of the Nissan Skyline is also available for sale. It offers the same features as the saloon but with a more raised height. A sportier coupe version is also on offer.