Maybach Landaulet
Wedding have slowly grown to become one a multi-billion business not only in the developed countries but also back here in Kenya.
What then will be the ultimate wedding ride? Many would wish for the 1902 State Landau or Glass Coach that carried Prince William and Catherine Middleton on their grand wedding but for what it’s worth I rather you opt for the Maybach Landaulet, the most expensive Maybach in the world. 
Old design on a new model
A Landaulet consists of is a closed chauffeur’s area is closed and an extra-large folding roof at the back which opens up over the pampered rear-seat passengers when required. This leaves no obstructions between them and the wonderful blue sky above.
The  view with the roof down
Maybach version of the Landaulet is a spectacle to behold. I imagine a bride eager to arrive to the church to meet her Mr. Right. She is all dressed up in a royal gown as the state of the art landaulet waits outside her parent’s door. As friends, relatives and family sing in enjoyment the chauffeur opens up the huge rear door to let the beautiful bride in. 
Welcoming interior
Inside the bride will be treated to a wonderful sight of white Nappa leather that runs throughout the rear of the car. Two superbly comfortable individual seats positively invite the bride and bridesmaid to sit back and relax. The seats recline to give the two adorable rear passengers first-class feeling that’s only found on modern passenger jets. 
A majestic sight
The seats recline to 47 degrees whilst as a lower-leg support and footrest automatically extend forwards. The fun does not end there the bride as the option to active the pneumatically adjustable air cushions in the seat to massage her as she heads for the church.
The chauffeur’s office has been based on the Maybach 62 S, but has been upgraded in a number of important ways. The center console and all trim elements have black piano lacquer surfaces. And for the extensive leather appointments Maybach uses exclusive, smooth black leather for the driver to enjoy. 
Black piano lacquer surfaces
As the passengers enjoy the exquisite rear lounge, the chauffeur will be in an office decorated with leather and wood trims. 
Rear lounge
The convoy will soon arrive to church to cheerful sound of family members and invited guests. The groom will be patiently waiting in the church for a better half. As the ceremony is going on the chauffeur changes the number plates to ‘just married’ as he waits for the two lovely couples to come out of the church.
With the roof up
As they enter in the Maybach, the chauffeur presses a button at the front and the rear roof slowly comes down to let the world see the newly wed. 
Couples enjoying their time with the silver wine glass
As the seats resumes it normal position, the groom opens the cooler compartment and removes the silver goblets and champagne bottle safely in position. He pops it open and pours it to the brides custom made wine glass. He slowly reaches his arm to a remote control near the seats and plays the latest jazz music from the huge twin DVD screens. As he reassures his bride of the love he has for her, the twin turbocharged V12 engine that develops 612 bhp will ensure they get to the reception in time. 
Twin turbocharged V12 ensure they get to the reception in time.
The bride doesn’t have to worry about messing her lovely dress, AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension system and the Adaptive Damping System (ADS II), the ensure that they have outstanding level of ride comfort whilst at the same time proving that even a prestigious automobile can display excellent agility and handling qualities. This ensures no wine will be accidently pour on the brides dress even if the car is going through a tight corner.
Mood lighting at the back
As the reception ends and the couple proceeds home for the honey moon, the interior lighting in the Landaulet will drive them crazy. One can even select a star mood lighting that gives the interior a starlight mood.  Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) braking systems together with ESP®, ASR, ABS and Brake Assist will ensure that they get home safe and sound. 
Ultimate wedding ride
To have this piece of craftsmanship to grace your weddings include $1.2 million in your wedding budget.