Alfa Lops The 4C’s Roof Off Car Review

Alfa Lops The 4C’s Roof Off Car Review

Last year at the Geneva Motor Show, Alfa year we joked a “prototype” Spider 4C. We wanted. But we did not know that they can play with the recipe, if you try to make it legal on the street.
Well, there’s good news. The production version has just been presented at the Detroit Motor Show, and the design has not changed much.

The obvious thing to note is the lack of coverage. No complex folding hardtop retractable here. First, the car is available only with a soft, easy to carry canvas. However, a hardtop optional carbon fiber are the United Kingdom, when sales begin later this year.
You’ll also notice that the division of opinion coupes were replaced “moon crater” headlights. Cleaner Carbon single lens options as first seen in 4C concept car now adorn the front, and the spider is much better for them.

Surprisingly, resale has not hindered the chassis rigidity, or put on the pounds. Thanks to thinner glass stuck in both front and side windows, and a new carbon fiber frame windshield and closed its monocoque carbon fiber chassis, only 10 kg was added to the curb weight.

Power comes from the same 237bhp mid-mounted turbocharged 1.7-liter in the 4C coupe uses the four-cylinder engine. The same dual-clutch automatic transmission with six speeds frustrating is connected to it. But there is a new option key conclusion lightweight Akrapovic exhaust. That should happily fill their ears with drain valve and tweeting chumpfing once you’ve spent all this effort to peel the roof.

You will be glad to hear the vital performance statistics are not changed, either. Alfa Romeo 4C makes the spider is just as fast in the coupe 0-60mph sprint (4.1 seconds) and goes to the same top speed 160 hours miles.