Alfa Romeo 4C Car Review

Alfa Romeo 4C Car Review

It has been selling for a year in the UK, but this is the first time we will be able, one to go with smaller wheels and installing Comfort Chassis (without rear stabilizer, softer springs and shock absorbers).

Why would you do that?

Finally, as too good to sit down? Sportified maximum, which was not very good. Ever. It is weaved and ducked under braking, tram lined terrifying, had a too excitable and calibration strange turbo gear, deaf inconsistent brake pedal and drove almost no skill at all. I could go on. But I do not want to. Suffice to say that there is a reason why we never in our test PCOTY (No. 258).

So this is a corrects bad all things?

No, almost none of them, in fact. Sigh. I write no joy more forgiveness in the car, a little better traction and lower touch sensitivity roads I fall to take the basics in this because I wanted to be the Alfa 4C so good that really the Germans stick, but apart from the behavior the chassis is not enough changes. Smaller wheels inches (17 or 18) follows fashion, too. They do not realize they are smaller, as the matte black alloys mean, it’s hard to say where it comes from the wheels and tires are openings.
And the 4C is still considered the heart stoppingly beautiful …
Painfully enough, no doubt. The problem is that there is this huge gap between how it looks and how it moves, and cut even in Comfort, is not a very reliable car, constantly restless and tried to jump out odd addresses. It can be unruly.

But it is not that just said, is attractive and fun?

Not if the car did not, not fight with you. Still it feels like the final development work is not yet produced in almost all areas of the seat cushion design. But he would have to endure all, when the 4C was full of character, but it is not – the turbo engine roars almost. Is so effective, midrange, that is no reason to hold on to see if the noise improves later (does not). Everything 4C is still a misdirected particular instrument.
Ollie Marriage
The numbers
1742cc, 4cyl, RWD, 240bhp, £ 258 feet, 41.5mpg, 157g / km of CO2, 0-62 mph in 4.5secs 160 mph, 895kg, £ 45,000
The verdict
New softened, but not the sports car should be.