Alfa Romeo Giulietta Car Review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Car Review

What is this?

A very important game for Alfa Romeo Giulietta in Europe is making the Italian company in the top group, charged against the all-conquering VW Golf. Despite the best intentions and Alfa bright heritage, this challenge is not so far – as with other Alfa go with a facelift version. Sensible face left alone: ​​such a nice car like this does not need surgery. The improvements come inside, under the hood and on the road. It’s enough?


The Giulietta was a pretty decent car at the start, and this increases things a little more. Can still not enterprise-class as the VW Golf and surprisingly, the Seat Leon (“The Alfa Spanish ‘suggests the true Alfa – oh, the irony)., But still a sweet thing for the interests unit and entertainment as almost hot Acute convenience Game hatch (electronic differential function Q2 is a useful addition here) can with the switch Alfa DNA, and that is: the final touch inevitably missing, but it’s still pretty fun journey firm is not so. bad as it could be, either.
Carbonic engines are where the real fun lies, especially the wonderful revvy 1.4-liter MultiAir. Even the entry Giulietta comes with a 120bhp version of this fine motor skills. The 2.0-liter JTDM diesel 2 has improved for 2014, and with startling 175bhp version TCT Golf GTD Chaser.


At first it’s hard not to be impressed Giulietta made for improvements in the perceived quality of Alfa. It looks like a premium hatch out properly, keeping that touch, charisma Alfa individuality that rivals like the Renault Megane, having lost all Germans.
Before detailing had been abandoned. How, for example, not being able to have a navigation / infotainment appropriate. All cured here, and the setting stylish touch screen is one of the best there is. Quality was also abolished, although most of its rivals remain far from worry (and maybe even confused about how to make Alfa able to believe parts of it, because they come straight from the 1990s) is also worth mentioning that the Giulietta comes only as Five door but the back two handles are hidden, so practice and looks in the package here.


Engines for improving the property of Alfa proposal does not just drive. The 1.6-liter JTDM-2 is a particularly great all-rounder, with excellent statistics of CO2. Facelift pretext that it is very economical. All are surprisingly affordable: no, it’s not perfect, but as less than £ 20k ​​a turbocharged petrol or diesel you get decent, sure you can some mistakes in this beautiful car forgiven?