All-New BMW 4-Series Coupe – Destined for greatness


What’s in a name? At first glance, it might seem like the All-New 4-Series Coupe is little more than a clever BMW marketing ploy to dig deeper into your wallet. With the All-New Coupe you’ve got plus-one on the BMW Richter scale.

All-New BMW 4-Series Coupe

Yet compared to the related 3 Series, you’re paying more for plenty of identical hardware, two fewer doors and less practicality than the saloon. But before you send your complains to BMW, take a moment and closely look at the All-New 4-Series Coupe. You’ll quickly notice that the All-New 4-Series Coupe justifies its premium and fortifies BMW’s position as a creator of exceptionally desirable luxury coupes. 

Distinct side vents

Signature BMW front-end design features, such as the double-kidney grille and twin circular headlights, identify the All-New 4-Series Coupe as a BMW without the need for a second glance. Indeed, it is undeniably keen to show off its close family ties with the BMW 3-Series.

BMW iDrive controller

However, the All-New BMW 4-Series Coupe displays a more sporting approach to its work, underlining its dynamic convictions. The eye-catching full-LED twin headlights, with their hexagonal design, team up with the slightly forward-slanting BMW kidney grille to form a single stylistic unit and strengthen the athletic presence of All-New BMW 4-Series Coupe on the road.

Spacious boot

The gently sloping roof creates a smooth transition into the rear, stretches the car’s overall appearance and elegantly accentuates the sporting profile of the wings. The sporting character of the Coupe extends into the powerful design of the rear.


The prominent horizontal lines and broadly stretched taillights, positioned at the outer edges of the rear, enhance the muscular wheel arches and give the coupe a wide rear look. The L-shaped rear lights of the All-New BMW 4-Series Coupe blend harmoniously into the car’s overall design.

Distinct coupe appeal

Two longitudinally front-mounted, in-line power units send their power to the rear wheels, in the coupe. The two engines available for the All-New 4-Series Coupe use BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, which combines sporty performance characteristics with exceptional efficiency.

Twin turbo heart

The power plants are a 6-cylinder in-line petrol unit, for the BMW 435i Coupe and a 4-cylinder petrol unit for the BMW 428i Coupe. Power output ranges for both power units are 180kW/245hp for the 428i and225kW/306hp for the 435i. Power is transferred from engine to road via a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard, although all engine variants can also link up with an 8-speed Sports automatic as an option. Both gearboxes work with the fuel-consumption-reducing Auto Start Stop function. The BMW xDrive intelligent, all-wheel-drive system can be ordered as an option.

Flared full LED headlamps

The interior of All-New BMW 4-Series blends sporting intent and exclusivity to stylish effect. All the controls central to driving are arranged ergonomically around the driver and give him or her optimum access to all functions. Automatic belt feeders, a Sports steering wheel, crystal-clear circular instruments, on black panel, and the freestanding, iDrive monitor add a touch of elegance to the interior.

Rear seating

The dynamic horizontal lines of the instrument panel extend into the door and side panel trim, wrapping around the driver and front passenger in an unbroken sweep and lending the interior an engagingly dynamic feel. The backrest of the All-New BMW 4-Series Coupe’s rear seat bench can be fold down in a 40:20:40 split increase the overall volume of the boot. 

Wide rear look

The is a worthy successor to the outgoing 3-Series Coupe. The All-New Coupe is not only wider, luxurious and better looking than the model it replaces. However, the All-New BMW 4-series is destined for anyone looking for a unique sports coupe. If you are in need of one the All-New 4-Series Coupe should be on your list. If practicality is what suits your needs, the cheaper BMW 3-series saloon is the one to go for.