All-New Nissan X-Trail – Revamped, improved and visually striking

Muscular, modern and packed with technology, the All-New Nissan X-Trail is finally out. The All-New Nissan X-Trail replaces a popular crossover that was released back in 2011. At the same time as enhancing its predecessor’s go-anywhere credibility, All-New X-Trail takes its inspiration from Nissan’s market-leading crossovers – Qashqai and Murano – to create the ultimate, all weather, highly capable, modern family vehicle.
All-New Nissan X-Trail
All-New X-Trail is just as tough and accomplished as the previous generation model, but adds style and efficiency, exciting design, innovative technology and exceptional comfort to set a new benchmark in the fiercely competitive crossover SUV segment.

Intuitive dials
Revamped styling
In place of the rugged, squared off lines of the previous generation, the All-New Nissan X-Trail has a premium and dynamic appearance. Sculptured muscular lines create a distinctive silhouette framed by elegant curves, high wheel arches and a number of Nissan signature cues such as the ‘boomerang’ rear lights, structured headlights with LED daytime running lamps and the characteristic D-pillar shape. LED headlights – for both high and low beams – are standard on high grade models while 19-inch alloy wheels also give new Nissan X-Trail an imposing look.

Gear shifter

Drive train
By reducing power sapping friction in its drive trains, All-New Nissan X-Trail provides excellent performance from the latest generation of downsized engines, providing the pace of a bigger power plant with the economy and emissions of a smaller one.

Front headlight

The available power unit options and performance figures will be released soon. We should expect an engine that is far smaller than its predecessor’s 2.5-litre unit. 

Panoramic glass roof

The All-New Nissan X-Trail has lost a considerable amount of weight though it has a larger surface area than the previous model. The boot door, for example, is largely plastic, saving seven kilograms.

Infotainment system

Intuitive chassis
The All-New X-Trail adopts Nissan’s advanced electronic four-wheel drive system, ALL MODE 4x4i. Controlled via a rotary switch on the centre console, it offers a choice between two-wheel drive, Auto mode or Lock offering permanent four-wheel drive. Five electronic systems, Active Ride Control, Active Engine Brake, Active Trace Control, Uphill Start Support and Advance Hill Descent Control, have been designed to make life with Nissan X-Trail more comfortable and safer. 

Roomy interior

Striking interior
Inside, premium features include chrome, metallic and piano black finishes. The spacious interior has theatre-style seating and the option of two extra seats to make room for seven inside. Helpful touches include, for example, a large between-the-seats console box.

Revamped cockpit

Practical touches include rear side doors that open to almost 80 degrees to allow easy access seat. Middle row seat comfort has been improved thanks to extra knee room generated by the longer wheelbase and the front seats’ with sculpted backs. The middle row seats recline and slide while, where fitted, the third row folds forward to increase luggage space. In addition, access to the luggage area has also been made as easy as possible with remote operation of the power tailgate.
Rear look
Gone are the squared-off headlights, slab-sided door panels and pillar-mounted tail-lights which will be surely missed. However, they can’t match the All-New Nissan X-Trail’s striking looks, increased legroom and innovative technologies that breathe a new aroma in the crossover segment. The All-New Nissan X-trail now has all that it takes to be a worthy contender in its market segment.