Alpina BMW B7

Before I tell you more about this amazing saloon, let me brief you on what Alpina is. Unlike most car companies that have in house tuning divisions Alpina is registered as a car manufacturing company.
Alpina BMW B7
All of its models are based on cars made by BMW. However the Alpina versions get unique parts and are manufactured on the factory as normal BMW cars. They are however sent back to the Alpina plant for finishing touches. Now let’s get back to the new B7. 

Stunning with Alpina Blue Metallic paint

 The new Alpina BMW 7 is based on the new BMW 7-series sedan. However it gets more power, more performance, and more efficiency thanks to 30 new parts from Alpina.

Rear of the B7
The parts include a new front bumper that enhances the design and also boosts the frontal aerodynamics that also help channel the cooling air required to manage the increased power output. It also gets new BMW kidney grilles, updated Xenon Adaptive headlights, LED front fog lights, and updated tail lights found in the BMW 7 series.

21 inch Alpina Classic 20 spoke wheels

An intergrated rear spoiler, double twin exhaust pipes and a stylish rear bumper are also fitted in the rear. The unique 21″ Alpina Classic 20-spoke wheels and stunning Alpina Blue Metallic paint finish the exterior look. 
Hand build 4.4 litre V8
Under the bonnet it gets a new twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 engine made by hand. The engine produces 540hp and 516 lb-ft (foot pound) of torque.

Alpina instrument dials
Top speed is pegged at an impressive 312km/h or 310km/h with BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system. 0 to 100km/h takes 4.3 seconds or 4.4 seconds with xDrive. Married to the engine is a new Alpina 8-speed high performance transmission. Unique interior upholstery choices are available.

Stylish cockpit
They are similar to the ones available on the BMW 7-series. Unique Alpina dials are visible on the instrument cluster while the driver grips an Alpina steering wheel.

Comfortable rear sets
All other interior features including the infotainment system, seat set up and other additional safety equipment are similar to what one finds on the 7-seres. One can also order the Alpina BMW B7 with a top of the range Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System.
Bang & Olufsen audio system
The Alpina BMW B7 is priced at $128,495 (Kshs 11 million excl. taxes) for the B7 Standard Wheelbase (SWB), $131,495 (Kshs 11.2 million excl. taxes) for the B7 SWB with xDrive, $132,395 (Kshs 11.3 million excl. taxes) for the B7 Long Wheelbase (LWB) and $135,395 (Kshs 12 million excl. taxes) for the top of the range B7 LWB with xDrive.