Aston Martin DB9

After the recent debut of the new Vanquish, Aston Martin have just debut a new fresh and updated version of their most ionic sports GT car the DB9. 

Aston Martin DB 9 and DB9 Volante
 The new DB9 adopts every styling detail from the Virage. As a result Aston Martin has officially stop production of the Aston Martin Virage. Before you start complaining that the new DB9 is just a Virage with DB9 badges let me give its facts. 

Aston Martin DB9 Volante

The new DB9 comes equipped with the AM11 V12 engine that is fitted to the new Vanquish. The V12 engine has an output of 509 hp which is more compared to the 460hp the Virage produced. It’s also comes with a new braking system that uses standard Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) discs from Brembo. The CCM discs offer impressive braking power compared to the previous model. 

Rear of the DB9 Volante

The new DB9 also boasts Aston Martin’s ‘Gen4’ VH architecture version of the brand’s Adaptive Damping System (ADS). This next generation ADS has been enhanced to include three modes: Normal, Sport and Track. In ‘Normal’ mode, the damping is set to deliver the greatest ride comfort, with the electronically controlled dampers automatically adjusting to provide the optimum settings to suit driver input, speed and the road surface quality. 

Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

In ‘Sport’ mode, the damping is set-up to be more focused at delivering sharper handling and control during dynamic driving while in the ‘Track’ mode the damping operates within the range of its stiffest settings.

Stylish side of the DB9 Coupe

The DB9 can be a comfortable and compliant GT car in Normal mode as well as being a firm and direct sports car in Sport setting and offering highly precise flat cornering in Track mode.
Alright enough performance figures, let’s get back to the impressive design. The Virage marked an amazing move from previous Aston Martin sports car in terms of design.

Rear of the DB9

Although it adopted some of the Aston Martin One-77 styling details, compared to other Aston Martins in the range it was probably one of the best looking Aston Martin ever produced. I believe this is the same reason why Aston Martin chose to adopt the design to the new DB9. The design consists of a large lower front grille that helps feed air to the standard Carbon Ceramic Braking system.

Rear of the Virage Coupe

The front splitter also serves to visually widen the car. The front splitter can also be ordered in carbon fibre form. The front upper grill gets its design inspiration from the One-77. This is evident by the five horizontal vanes which are chamfered to create an aerofoil profile. Meanwhile the bonnet vents are authentic zinc with distinctive strips.

Finely polished glass transmission buttons

Powerful bi-xenon headlamps ensure the driver has the best view on the road while daytime LEDs located beside the headlamp give the car an appealing look. Subtle feature lines that run along and underneath the headlamps give the car a wide look.

Aston Martin Virage Couper

At the rear of the car is a large integrated boot lit spoiler with mounted brake light. It also has similar rear lights design that was visible on the previous model. A large black diffuser is also visible that houses the two rear tailpipes which bring out the DB9 incredible soundtrack. 

Aston Martin Virage Volante

Inside, the new Aston Martin DB9 13MY (as it’s fully known) comes with unique leather that was found in the outgoing Virage. The leather is hand stitched and precisely fitted to form luxury interior. The 10-way adjustable sports seats are sculpted to provide maximum support and comfort while the two-stage heated seats instantly shake the chill on a frosty morning.

Rear of the Virage Volante

The option of an alternative lightweight seat arrangement is available with the 2+0 layout on the coupe. Contributing to the feeling of luxury, finely polished glass buttons adorn the facia inviting the driver to select their desired setup or control.


The use of distinct materials such as polished woods, milled aluminum, and leathers which retain their coating and aroma ensure the car’s interior retains its new look feel, years after manufacture. 

Side profile of the DB9 Volante

The new Aston Martin DB9 is available as a Coupe or Volante body styles. Prices start £131,995 (Kshs 24 million fully taxed). The new DB9 bids farewell to the stylish Aston Martin Virage.