The exclusive Aston Martin One-77

If you are rich and in look of a car that reflect the best craftsmanship that Britain has to offer then look no further.
Before you turn you attention to another car let me take a short moment of your time to tell you about Aston Martin’s latest creation the One-77. The One-77 demonstrates what Aston Martin engineers can do at their best.

The rear lights

To start with the structural core of the car consists of a lightweight and immensely rigid carbon fiber which brings down the total weight of the car. Other components are hand crafted and rolled aluminum body panels that bring out each and every detail of the car.

Amazing rear side with wide wheel arches

Under the bonnet is a 7.3 litre V12 monster that spits outs 700bhp of energy and flames that takes this exclusive car from 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds to a top speed above of more 200 mph. connected to it is a six-speed transmition system that can me operated either manually by paddle shifters or automatically. To ensure that all this power is not wasted, Aston Martin had Pirelli develop special tires for the One-77. The tires work hand in hand with the vehicle amazing suspension to ensure that it ‘sticks, to the road and provides the best handling on any surface. 

The fronts grill

The bonnet is longer than most Aston Martin and it has numerous air intakes to cool the engine. Openings at the side of the car not only channel air to the engine but ensure that the car cuts through air at high speeds. 

The side vents

The amazing headlight, wide wheel arches curved grill and the twin intakes give the One-77 an aggressive look never seen in other Astons. At the back the rear lights run from the left to the right side of the car. Each LED has been programmed to produce a particular light that either acts as a reversing light or indicator. There is also a deployable spoiler keeps the rear of the car firmly in the ground.

Look at those wheels

Inside the One-77 is a unique combination of carbon fire, leather and polished aluminum. The interior is comfortable and spacious that’s to the cars wide size. It’s only eight inches narrower than the Hummer H1. All the interior components have been specifically made for the One-77.   

The swan wing doors and amazing interior

The big news however that is the One-77 is the fasted naturally aspired car in the world! What I mean is that it is the fastest non-turbo or supercharged car in the world. The engine coughs out 700bhp on its own and requires no help from a turbo or a supercharger.
The price for this exclusive car is £ 1million or Kshs 166 million inc. of taxes. Only 77 models while be on sale to exclusive buyers. A person has to be vetted first before purchase of this amazing Aston.