Aston Martin Rapide
Recently Aston Martin hoped to resurrect a legend from the history books, the Lagonda, but the world economic crunch crushed their dreams.
However at the same time the technical department had other ideas. After months of research they figured out a way that ones family can enjoy the Aston Martin experience. The result was the birth of the Rapide, a functional and luxurious car that provides space for up to four adults and plenty of boot space for their luggage.
The swan wing doors that open to reveal the amazing interior
Although it might be a four seater sports car, none of the Aston Martin core fundamentals of a car with Power, Beauty and Soul have been moved to the back seat. The car combines all special aspects of the DB 9 and DBS in every angle of the car. 
The engine is a V12 6 litre that coughs out 470 bhp. The engine is connected to a specially tuned six-speed transmition system that has can be operated manually by paddle shifters or automatically at the touch of a button.
looks the same as a DB9 except for its name
In terms of looks, the Rapide scores an amazing GPA of 3.0. Who could ever think that a four seater could look that awesome? Standing in front of the Rapid and you will be fooled that it’s actually a DB9 but as you move toward the left or the right the rear door handle or the long wheel base hits you that this isn’t a regular DB9. At the back it looks exactly the same as a DB9 apart from it name engraved at the left side. It also has twin exhaust and a lovely shaped boot that makes you wonder whether the Rapid is a hatchback or a sportsback.  
DB 9 like boot design
The most impressive thing in the Rapid is by far the interior department. One has to open the traditional Aston Martin ‘Swan Doors’ and you will be greeted by the best refined interior in a four door seater. From the highly detailed stitching on the leather, inspired by saddle-making, to the hand-machined switchgear, aluminum speaker meshes and metal door pulls, the interior is supremely tactile and rewarding. There are four individual seats and a spacious luggage compartment. Four adults can enjoy the Rapide in complete comfort, savoring the ride quality, the ambience of the hand-trimmed cabin and the sensation of speed and dynamism derived from the low seating position and excellent visibility.
The 700litre boot
The entertainment unit consists of Bang & Olufsen’s acclaimed audio system, developed in close collaboration with Aston Martin to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction is achieved within the cabin environment. Twin DVD screens integrated into the front seats provide entertainment for the rear passengers, giving them the opportunity to watch a film or create their own personal soundtrack to accompany the drive. When music is shared, Bang & Olufsen’s signature motorized tweeters rise from either side of the Aston Martin Rapide’s dashboard, helping disperse the sound crisply and precisely throughout the length of the cabin.
An all practical family sports car
With each purchase of the Rapide, Aston Martin offers a bespoke five-piece luggage set (consisting of three small bags and two huge bags with Aston Martin Logos on them) for the discerning traveler, tailored to match your chosen interior trim.
The price for all this amazing British artisanship is a whooping £ 140,000 or around Kshs. 23 Million inc. of taxes