Audi A1 Car Review

Audi A1 Car Review

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Audi’s first foray into the small car segment, the A1 Poshing parties usually modest fee VW Group as the Polo and Fabia achieved. Probably it has strong business sense in today’s market, especially now the Sportback five-door practice the connected field: one economic-ish compact hatch with pretensions to leadership, but we must think very carefully about the meeting with a serious premium on excellent Polo and Fabia.


A VW Polo slightly fettled, do not expect miracles of dynamic A1. It moves better than Audis old – which is not saying much – but lacks a sense of direction and, crucially, the spirit and commitment of its premium its most obvious rival, the Mini. Choose variants wheels and right engine, which are small and fuel, and will make you comfortable and beautiful city car, but the A1 loses even ground humble dishes like the Ford Fiesta and Citroen DS3, when it comes, is there a right beans. Relative voltage is provided by a 1.4 TFSI 185 and a torque 2.0 TDI 143: Unfortunately the truly epic thrills of the LHD-only A1 quattro are gone.


The car A1 is the USP. In a class in which the total cost is the main driver of design and craftsmanship, Audi deliberately bucking the trend. By offering the most affluent buyers the option of a small car with big car levels of interior quality of A1 is to distance the rest of the market. Everything feels real bonus here: switching devices that references A8 TT and adds nothing to the appeal.
There is a lack of room to fight, and the rear is relatively narrow and short on the luxury feel as long as the front, but this is a small car that is clearly dispensing with the functionality to the buyer of the family in the pockets effeminacy executive. Audi also offers the Sportback five-door version, but, while access to the rear is simple, is not really even bigger inside.


A1 feels exceptionally well beaten together, and this must be borne by a long-term property without noise. The 1.4 liter TFSI 122 is likely to be the volume option with 120bhp provide a strong performance with decent ally economy with 50mpg, but more fun and sophistication are under the guise of the 1.2-liter TFSI petrol engine , Comparable yields mpg available without the unenviable rattling cold start. The 1.6 TDI diesel emissions 99 g / km of CO2 (does 74.3mpg) and 2.0 TDI is impressive alternative.
A1 residue are very strong, as they tend to be in any model with a premium badge. The A1 Sportback could even slightly better than the three-door model, its particular market preferences: this will offset the premium above 560 pounds.