Audi A4 Car Review


Audi A4 Car Review

What is this?

Audi’s best-selling car was renovated in 2012. This was against the bright Audi opportunity last BMW 3-Series – but in typical Audi fashion, cosmetic surgery has been underestimated. The biggest differentiator is the pattern of circulation distinctive LED lights for models with xenon headlights day. If it is not broke, etc.
Audi knows to do something about the efficiency of the A4, but had. The old BMW 3 Series had to hit here, and again it was probably only get better. In the coming revised engines, with 11 percent less fuel consumption average, and TDI is now more than 67mpg. Work done?


It is very possible that something competent car: the A4 is a test. If you seek an efficient, high-quality, mid-size sedan, we can see some reasons not offered, A4, especially any of the superfrugal Diesel (2.0 TDI bestselling surprisingly, more than four power outputs extends Purchase: 136bhp, 150bhp, 163bhp and 177bhp). But, like a candy-two-shoes Teacher’s Pet it is so irritating A4 properly. It’s cold, competent in almost all departments rational, which is left without character.
At least this means competition thoroughly is better than older Audis show, though still not easy to drive a Jaguar, but offer fingertip hiring a BMW 3 Series even that is a few microns dynamics such refinement fine motorway is sensible however disarming. It is a machine to act as a driving pleasure.


Quality is inside, says Audi, with optimized line SE, SE technique, and the line S Black Edition trim all that. Best quality around As the best interiors in the junior executive sector as well, it bodes very well. Audi also says that it is easier to use, with fewer keys and a greater logic to the MMI operating system.
There are a couple of new features online in the Internet car for the first time, the A4 brings. Busy seller will love it, and the new system of recommendation fatigue break, meet the standard of value throughout A4S. Maybe that Audi is delayed watching inexpensive and hassle A4, actually.



Efficiency is one of the most important improvements with the latest A4. Details such as the installation of start / stop on the line improves profitability. On top 60mpg 2.0 TDI diesel: the A4 averages to 67.3mpg and emits 109 g / km of CO2 in the latest ultra-eco, uh, disguise “Ultra”. That looks like the one you should go for – unless, that is, you happen to have a street dealer BMW …

At the risk of beginning a review of the car and submit undermines this magazine into a spiral of consumption, it is possible, a car to be competent?

Case in point: the superfrugal new Audi A4 2.0 TDI eco-tastic. If you seek an efficient, high-quality, mid-size sedan, we can not buy some reasons for these entry-level diesel supply. At the same time, we would prefer a species if you do not. Not because we do not like the polar bear and want to be a goody two destroy their natural habitat (though planet frozen representing white lambs fluffy as evil bastards seal murderers have our instincts saving icecap attenuated), but because, Shoes pet A4 masterpiece is so irritating correctly.
For starters, it’s as economical to take care of filling the tank once it must persist in old age. The A4 officially returned to 112g / km of CO2 and 66mpg monstrous: for the new 109 g / km 320ED coming in February that at least gives Audi a lot to offer.
It does not feel not like an asthmatic wheeze, too. The diesel is strong and broad, slightly capable of carrying the A4 mass and trouble with it. If picky, the A4 – even better than older Audis show – not yet drive a Jaguar facility, however, offer finger BMW commitment to them annoying. Most of the class is leading Audi, gadget laden interior and fine refinement highway right balance to see for a dynamic micrometers.
But the A4 is so cold in almost every department that is in danger, making Audi the competent Toyota executive in the sector rationally: a supplier of automobiles, such as white goods: objectively excellent, emotionally cold. Well, still, it would be the A4 stainless steel fridge-freezer brushing is not a white washing machine, but is a larger machine to run as funny.
Clearly the A4 diesel sales in mass, which shows that, no, you can not be competent, and that we not reasonable: the lack of drama is a devastating error in a supercar, but is probably a diesel Tug an advantage. But we never said this review process was useful or disinterested. In order to maintain our vibrant and diverse streets, we expect Chrysler 300C, an Alfa 159 or even a Suzuki Kizashi, but less than buying. If you do not understand.
Sam Felipe
The numbers
1968cc, 4cyl, FWD, 134bhp, £ 236 feet, 65.7mpg, 112g / km of CO2, 0-62 in 9.3secs, 134 mph, n / a kg
The verdict
If you play with this car for the rest of your life, you can be very happy. Not thrilled, but very satisfied. Cold, rational brilliance