Audi A5 Car Review

Audi A5 Car Review

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This is a zeitgeist car if there ever was one. Is more expensive than the Audi A4 is based on offers less and less room doors, but still people clamoring to get into it. You can not help the success of Audi, BMW has learned a trick or two: It is no coincidence, Munich has presented 4-Coupe, but as a two-door 3-Series derivative. Oh, and if you do four doors, the Audi A5 has a solution here too: the A5 Sportback.
The A5 has even wiser for 2012, with a discreet washing face, but inclusive. The new headlights and bumpers can be difficult (despite the amazing new LED daytime running lights) on the ground, but it is much clearer that the benefits are below the surface: engines faster, smoother and greener.


The A5 is not sporty driving or door handle emotion. Comments had never been his strength, even if it does pack suspension tuning Audi Drive Select. This goes soft (very) difficult, but missed with. Not in the new electric power steering fuel however provide something feels different. As in, still far away, even if it is accurate and fast enough.
The big news is under the hood. A new turbo 1.8 liters is the most interesting on the side of the gas – 10bhp wins but is also much cheaper. But where Diesel (literally) is the power. The 2.0-liter TDI is a little more power, but the new 3.0-liter V6 TDI you really want. Replacing the old 2.7-liter V6 engine that, 30 percent is 14 percent more powerful economically. In one of its two power levels, it is torquey, smooth and creamy.


Audi BMW had licked inside the old A5. This improved the gap in the 3 series, although it is not credible even higher quality and clean detailing ,. New leaflets, materials and colors all help lift was a leader in its class interior equipment. The MMI system has also been simplified. It’s strictly a four-seater, however: if the user experience is everything, the A5 Sportback has. Because that is why Audi has …


CO2 engines lowest in the facelifted A5 are all bad news. Kitten government road taxes. The total area A5 stop-start equipped is a very green line-up of cars, actually. It is high price, of course, but Audi equipment levels are generous, that is, you do not have to spend much on the options list. Good work: it is both holistic and makes it easy five sums figures for the price. Seriously. And that is not kept by the values ​​extolled otherwise impressive is the A5.
Sports car purists Nomex dresses who we are, it is rare that we can encourage the loss of a pair of cylinders and the addition of the load. But in the case of the Audi S5, processing to naturally aspirated V6 V8 compressor is a significant improvement.
Yes, an eon to be fitted Audi 3.0-liter V6 in the cabriolet S4, S5 and S5 Sportback has two doors S5 ultimately benefited. Although the V6 is less powerful than its precedessor fraction receives the S5, even faster than the old car 62 hours thanks to a pair of midrange sip miles richer.
Even more than the old S5, which is a terrifying easily accessible by car to go very fast: vaguely determined to show the belt in front of the car, even Accelerator, arrive at the destination, very shortly thereafter. As the old S5 says, it is not … I hired as such: if a breath slows down a BMW 335i coupe rudest driver involvement Audi. But with a good, sound chuntery exhaust, the 4WD S5 goes well like the clappers and makes financial sense enough, they are very difficult to think, before ordering RS5. Cylinderectomy success.

Sam Felipe

We like: clean, cheaper, faster
We do not like: no acute management
The verdict: the S5 supercharged V6 becomes one of the best fast coupes
Performance: 0-62 mph in 4.9secs, max 155 mph, 34.9mpg
Tech: 2995cc, V6, 4WD, 328bhp, £ 325 feet, 1675kg, 190g / km of CO2
Select this option to view the list of options: sport differential, 620 pounds
And to avoid these: Digital TV, £ 1,175