Audi A5 Sportback Car Review

Audi A5 Sportback Car Review

What is this?

It is the alternative five-door hatch to A5 Coupé, and is a good example of the dissemination strategy model Audi hits the spot.


Somehow, in the transition from the A4 sedan A5 Sportback, things have gone a little soft. There’s more body roll than in the A4 / A5 and a floating sensation on the roads, on our test track, were as soft as candy. Audi expects rates of springs and dampers are identical to the coupe, but do not feel like it.
Five engines are available: two petrol (1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI) and two diesel (2.0 and 3.0 V6) engines. None of them pull no surprises. The two-liter TDI is as strong as ever and refined, but the gasoline engine two-liter is much smoother and quieter, it’s enough to put away for diesel life, especially if you do not know notch too fuel miles road.


Fold a back door and everything seems pretty normal. Legroom is like the A4 saloon and headroom is good to 5mm, which is not a bad reward for sloping roofline. But look closer and you will notice the absence of a middle seat. Audi is the thing sold as a four-seater, which would be fine if the rear seats were formed artistically embrace the torso. But they are not. It’s just a regular bank with a greater cushion where the middle seat normally would. Despite the new arty silhouette of the boat it has a wide and unobstructed opening through which to see your stuff. 480 liters of luggage is exactly the same as the A4 sedan, it’s just more accessible as the hatch opens his big mouth and yawning.


The TFSI and 2.0 TDI models are running very profitable. Wait 45.6mpg and 60.1mpg petrol in diesel. However, if you’re looking for more power, and then go for the 3.0-liter TDI.
Think of it as the focus of massive bombardment. In an effort to end their exec rivals, Audi is the market Wurzburg Big Fast Car in a relentless assault.
In addition to the core RS5 Coupé with V8 444bhp naturally aspirated engine, you can get your average hot Audi Salon (S4), real estate (S4), convertible (S5 Cabrio), coupe (S5), and now with the launch of S5 Sportback five-door flavor. Ugh.
Like their relatives – except for the S5 coupe, which, confusingly, retains a naturally aspirated V8 engine – the S5 Sportback gets a 328bhp V6 four-wheel hectic supercharged. Along the way, it’s … well, it’s more or less the same as the S4 saloon. And that’s not a bad thing: The Sportback is incredibly fast little dramatic in some kind of fashion, and incredibly surefooted. In short, it is an easy car to go fast seriously, and even cripplingly thirst. And how our love affair cooled boxes dual clutch seven-speed DSG is the S5 is impressive reminder that the best examples are still sublime.
As most hot Audis, S5 Sportback feels somewhat strict: the direction, as in S4, some wood is without life compared with the Merc E63, for example, not the one with organically best super sedan.
Moreover, it is difficult to criticize the powerful S5 Sportback. This is due in part to the rigorous approach of massive bombing Audi: If you are not getting on board with the noble concept Super hatch, are happy to beat another taste of fast exec. “Do you need something with a little trunk, sir? Reza read our S4 Avant. Sir like a two-door? Step S5 …” You get the picture.
The problem with the approach of massive bombing, as any experienced general will tell you is the risk of loss by friendly fire. In this case, the S4 sedan seems likely police a success because the Sportback looks like it virtually unnecessary. Hard to know why they bother with four doors frumpier when this stylish hatch is more practical and better.
In fact, the only reason to go to the canteen in the hatch – unless you have an incurable fetish for traditional three-box – is when you need five seats: the Sportback is only available as a four-seater. Otherwise, these plans are broken for the third child and go for it. He, if you want something with a boat, in which case the S4 Avant wants. Or you are looking for a convertible, in this case …