Audi R8 GT
Audi have unleashed a lighter and more powerful version of the Audi R8 known as the R8 GT featuring advance levels of weight saving measures.
As with the normal R8 the body is made out of the famous aluminium Audi Space Frame (ASF). However compared to the one on the R8 its overall weight has been reduced to 210 kilograms. A normal R8 weight is pegged at 1,625 kilograms.
Audi R8 GT Spyder
Thanks to a thinner windshield, the use of a stronger lightweight polycarbonate on the bulkhead, passenger cell and engine, and the use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) on the rear wing, bumper, side blades and rear hatch compartment has reduced the total weight of the car to 1,525 kilograms.
Driver’s champers
To ensure that people don’t confuse it with the R8, there have been numerous changes in its exterior design. It has the majestic air intakes visible on the R8 but they have been finished in matt titanium gray to boost their overall look. The front grill has also been painted matt black while the air splitter under the front bumper has been made of carbon fiber.
Rear View
At the sides of the magnificent front are curved flics that help boost the down force on the front axle. They too have been made of carbon fiber. As with all Audis, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) glorifies the headlamps. LEDs produce bright, homogeneous light and have long service life and low energy consumption as compared to convectional lighting systems.
Side View
At the side are the side blades made of matte carbon which help channel air to the engine. Matte carbon is also used to make the casing on the side mirrors. 19-inch wheels, which feature an exclusive five twin-spoke Y design in a titanium-look finish, complete the side view of the car. At the back a matte carbon spoiler helps improve the rear down force.
Flics that help channel air
Audi have also redesigned the ventilation louvers located at each side of the rear hatch and the CFRP bumper. The rear diffuser has also been made of carbon fiber composite while the rear LEDs have a darker housing and have been finished with panes of clear glass.
R tronic transmission system selector
Behind the driver sits the customized hand made V10 whose cylinder head cover has been painted red to give it a distinguished look. The 5.2 liter V10 engine has a total output of 560 hp. 0 to 100km/h takes around 3.6 seconds. 0 to 200km/h is taken care of in just 10.8 seconds.
Huge 19 inch wheels
Top speed is pegged at 320km/h. It uses around 13.2 liters of fuel per 100 km covered. Two flaps in the exhaust system modulate the engine volume and tone.
Amazing front design
Connected to the engine is an R tronic sequential manual transmission system. The system changes gears faster than any driver could, about tenth of a second to be precise. This is thanks to an electro hydraulic clutch and a switching unit that operate electronically.
Carbon fiber composite
The system also offers automatic mode in either for sporty or normal driving. In manual mode the driver can use short gear selector lever on the center tunnel or two paddles on the steering wheel. A launch control system ensures full acceleration with high engine speed and minimum wheel slip when starting off.
Rear design 
Handling is taken care of by a racing design chassis, consisting of aluminum wishbone suspension at each wheel, a hydraulic power-assisted frame and pinion steering wheel system. One can lower the car by 10 millimeters thanks to an adjustable coil over suspension.
Side view
Internally ventilated, carbon fiber ceramic brake disks are offered as standard. They ensure that the GT comes to a halt easily. Electronic Stabilization Program in the GT can switch to sport mode and also allow some bit of over steer, a great addition for drivers who love drifting on tracks.
Cockpit in the R8 GT Spyder
Alcantara covers the steering wheel, the headliner, the roof posts, the knee pad, the parking brake lever and the bucket seats. A synthetic sharkskin-look material is slightly rough when touched is applied to the bulkhead, the door liners, the instrument cowl and the dashboard. The instrument clusters are adored in carbon fiber and aluminum.
Aluminum door slits
The aluminum door slits have been engraved in R8 GT logo. Interior options include seat belts in red, orange or gray, floor mats with the “R8 GT” logo and CFRP door sill trims illuminated in red.
Sports seats
Audi can also fit seat belts in red, orange or gray, floor mats with the “R8 GT” logo and CFRP door sill trims illuminated in red. A race package option is also available for race enthusiasts.
Read sports bars
It includes a bolt-in roll bar in red or black, road approved four pint seat belts in red or black, a fire extinguisher and a kill switch for the battery. There is also a full leather package for the interior and cruise control. Entertainment is taken care of by a 465 watt, ten-channel Bang & Olufsen sound system. 
It’s also available as an open roof version known as the R8 GT Spyder.