Bentley Continental GT

Ever since its debut in 2003 the Bentley Continental GT marked a new chapter in the company’s history. The previous model was an amazing piece of creation. It popularity was equally felt even in Kenya where two Continental GT have found a home.
Rear view featuring the ‘floating’ rear lights
I believe the main reason for this ought to be its higher standards of design, engineering, luxury, craftsmanship, dynamic performance, everyday practicality and refinement. Bentley has decided to step up things a bit by making some few changes not only on the overall design but also on the power plants.
Crafted front view
The overall design has been inspired by Bentleys of the past but at the same time it has modern and advance standards of quality and body integrity. The body is made out of aluminum by a process known as Aluminum Super Forming technology. What happens is that major parts of the body are shaped by stamping sheets of aluminum under high pressure. The results is less welding of body parts  thus the car has crisp, highly defined feature lines and appearance. At the front, the classic Bentley matrix radiator grille sits gracefully.
Bentley wings grace the bonnet
The radiator is more upright giving the Bentley a majestic look. The traditional four-lamp format headlamp design remains touched. However the headlamps now feature exquisite jewel-like detailing including eye-catching, LED daylight-running lamps. Under the grill is an amazing front bumper consisting of twin intakes at each side. It has the same mesh styling found on the radiator grill. At the top of the grill sits the ‘Bentley wings’.
Traditional four-lamp format headlamp design featuring LED daytime lights
At the rear, Bentley famous ‘floating’ LED lamps extend around the corners of the wings, emphasizing the new coupe’s larger width and persistent posture. They need to do so as the new GT is wider by 41mm at the front and 48mm at the rear.
Wood graces the door panels
The boot lid design helps improve airflow at the back. The flared oval exhausts tailpipes reinforce at each end of the rear help emphasize the car’s sportive character. The car can cut through air efficiently and smoothly as the body is also more aerodynamic.
Rear of the GTC
This is thanks to numerous changes in the underbody of the car, the wheel arch design and the new rear design. The Continental GT comes fitted with standard 20 inch wheels. If they seem small to you, Bentley will gladly deliver the GT with 21 inch wheels which come in a variety of chromed and painted finishes. 
Electrically adjustable seats

Under the bonnet is a 6-litre twin-turbocharged W12. So what really is a W12 engine? The engine results in merging two V6 engines to give the engine an overall W shape.
W12 engine
The 12 is simply the 12 cylinders in the two V6 engines. OK back to business, the engine gives out 567 hp and has a top speed of 318km/h. 0 to 100km/h takes only 4.6 seconds. The engine has a fuel consumption of 16.5 liters of fuel for every 100km covered.
Bertling designed watch
It can be powered by either petrol or bioethanol. The engine will still work perfectly even if the two inflammable juices are mixed together in the tank. To ensure that the engine does its job an advanced Fuel Quality Sensor continuously monitors the ratio of the fuels used. It then guides the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to adjust the engine’s timing hence giving seamless power delivery with whatever fuel is in the tank. 
Its key
The increased power is transmitted to the all-wheel drive system via an updated six-speed Quickshift transmission system that shift either up or down in just 200 milliseconds. The gear system can allow one to do double down shift; that is changing from 6th gear to 4th gear without any problem.Another delicacy in the power plant menu is a 4.0-litre V8 engine which Bentley will introduce before the end of this year.
Dials featuring the unique navigation system
The state of the art all-wheel-drive system gives the Continental GT same and dynamic sport handling capabilities at any given environment or surface. The safety is further boosted by the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system that ensures its huge sports wheels grip any surface with ease. 
‘Cobra’ seats
Another system called Continuous Damping Control (CDC) constantly monitors the car’s position. It adjusts the suspension hundreds of times to provide a smooth ride at lower speeds, increased control on top speeds and an amazing handling capability during cornering. 
Side of the GTC
However it only when one opens it huge doors that you realize what this car was really made for; to be a luxury sports coupe. Thanks to it wider base it can accommodate four adults in total comfort. The instrument panel and dashboard are fashioned from the highest quality soft-touch leathers. The striking and unique ‘Cobra’ design seats are comfortable providing a first class softness at first touch and excellent support over longer journeys.
Bentley Continental GTC
The seats can be specified with front-seat ventilation as well as a state-of-the-art massage system with 10 individual massage cells. The new slim-line front seats, with scalloped backs, provide extra 46mm of legroom for rear passengers and also provide and easier access to the rear cabin. The cabin is trimmed with soft-touch leathers, a full range of wood veneers, cool-touch metals and deep-pile carpets that crafted by hand. Every leather hide is sewn under the watchful eye of highly skilled craftsmen and women.
With the roof up

Advanced noise-suppression technology, that includes acoustic glazing, under-floor shields and hidden anti-vibration panels throughout the interior ensure that the ride is quiet and smooth. Another amazing piece of interior component is the exquisitely designed, folding removable case.  It has been designed to hold items such as keys and pens and can also be slipped into a pocket or bag.
The removable folding case
It also been styled to match the coupe’s interior. The case is then finished with inlaid Bentley wings, satin-chromed and leather-lined, and is secured above the twin drinks holders in the centre console.
20 inch wheels
 The infotainment system consists of an 8-inch screen. This displays the car’s audio system, telephone, ride and comfort settings and the very latest navigation system. Connected to it is an eight-speaker sound system. The compact and flat-panel speakers with Balanced Mode Radiator technology provide exceptional clarity with a very wide frequency range. 
Dirac Dimensions digital signal processing technology
However there is an 11-speaker Naim entertainment system that has been especially customized for the Bentley. The system employs the Dirac Dimensions digital signal processing technology. 
Crafted front cockpit
Let me explain. The technology creates a virtual ‘sound field’ that delivers concert hall-quality sound reproduction for every occupant in the car. It also comes fitted with a telephone music player connectivity, digital television and DVD movie playback. Music can be played directly from an iPod as well as from a six-disc CD changer, SD card reader or directly from the car’s hard-disc drive, which can store up to 15GB of music.
Gear selector knob and the car’s telephone
The Bentley Continental GT is available as a coupe or as a convertible soft top known as the Continental GTC.