BMW M3 pick-up

What is the ultimate pick-up for a miraa trader in Meru? Countless of times miraa traders have looked for an ultimate driving machine that can deliver their precious good at the Wilson; some have passed the tests while others have left more than just losses.
Rear compartment covered after a hard days work

Finally after many years of waiting the Germans have just released a new machine set to fulfill their needs. Ladies and gentlemen of the miraa business, I would like to introduce to one of the fastest miraa haulers in the world. 

With the roof off
Boasting over 420 bhp produced from a V8 heart, this amazing peace of machine can reach a whooping top speed of 300km/h. This is sufficient to cruise to Nairobi from Meru in less than two hours while carrying 450 kilos of miraa. Engineers at BMW have tuned, the suspension, fitted state of the art computer systems that ensure that power is not wasted but distributed equally to the four wheels.
Cargo space

If u think that it meant for the golf courses and business meetings, you are so wrong. This is a tough pick-up that is covered with high-grade structured aluminum sheeting and provides the biggest cargo capacity ever offered on a BMW M vehicle. 

Sporting side design

The car is also aerodynamic suitable for the strong winds one encounters while traveling to Nairobi as the M3 pick-up cuts through air like the BMW M3 Coupé. Since the merchandise needs to be delivered in time, drivers should be pleased to know that the M3 pickup can handle just as well as a sports car thanks to its tailored suspension set-up. 

Rear view 
If an animal unfortunately steps in the road at a black spot near Sagana, huge ceramic disc brakes at the front and rear will bring the car to a dead stop in seconds. As the driver arrives in Nairobi, he only needs to program the Sat-Nav to estimate the shortest ‘jam free’ routes to Wilson Airport. After all is set the driver will continue enjoying the latest Meru tunes from the huge stereo system. 

Convertible pick-up
If the front cabin gets too hot the driver only has to stop at the road side, unhook the roof and walah! it instantly transformed to a convertible to let the driver enjoy the cool air as he arrives in Langata.

Side view with everything down

After delivering the miraa, the driver only has to press a small button at the steering wheel to call his boss to confirm the delivery. Lastly after all the hustles of the day are over, the driver can cover the rear luggage space and it’s off to Meru again. 

Powerfull front xenon lights

As evening sets in, the xenon front headlight and uniquely styled rear headlights ensure that the road is properly lit throughout the journey. 

A sight to behold for miraa trader

Low ride tires, sports seats provide the much needed comfort while the carbon fiber decorated dashboard echoes the sports capabilities that the pick-up has.

carbon fibre decorated dashboard
To sum it up it’s like a skillful serial killer dressed up in an attention puller servant suit.