BMW X4 Concept

Every BMW X model bears its inception, from the first X5 that debut back in 1999. The BMW X5 brought with it a new segment of automobiles known as Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs). The X5 was later followed by the X3 and X1 which were the first SAV’s in their class. May 2008 saw the introduction of the BMW X6, the very first Sports Activity Coupe (SAC). 

BMW X4 Concept

The X6 concept brought together the rugged looks of a BMW X model with the emotional aura and sporting character of a BMW Coupe, for the first time. The enduring popularity of BMW’s first SAC is backed up by its consistently high sales figures. With such a promising future for BMW X models, it seems right for the company to add yet another model in the lineup. With X4 Concept, BMW Group is showing the world a preview of their next member in the X family. 

Influenced by the X6

The design of the X4 Concept, adopts design characteristics visible on all BMW X models. The X4 Concept’s profile is influenced entirely by the design of the BMW X6. The front-end styling of the BMW X4 Concept incorporates the kidney grille and stylised twin circular headlights. The large kidney grille stretches out within a solid-looking surround. The hollowed out, high-gloss black bars feature a matt finishing. This lends the kidney structure extra visual depth. The grille also incorporates additional air apertures to ensure an increased supply of cooling air to the engine. 
Stunning rear design
The kidney grille is flanked by dynamically contoured full-LED headlights. Inside the light units is a flowing hexagonal interpretation, of the familiar BMW twin circular appearance. The horizontal continuation of the inner light elements creates a visual connection, with the grille. The side air intakes are larger than the centre air intake. 
The three air intakes create a prominent visual trait while satisfying the X4’s large appetite for air. The side air intakes adopt a similar stylistic theme, from the kidney grille. The X4 Concept’s front design is concluded by three milled out, gleaming chrome elements. The elements improve the look of the X4’s underside protection. 
The X4 Concept’s profile features a longer wheelbase, relatively long bonnet and short overhangs. The striking interplay of surfaces creates a vibrant contrast of light and shadow that exudes a feeling of agility and power. The coupe-style roofline sweeps elegantly downwards and makes the Sports Activity Coupe appear longer. Below, the windows extend well to the rear creating a dynamic link between the glass and vehicle body. 
A pair of dynamic lines gives the X4 concept a familiar BMW Sports Activity Coupe profile. The contours deepen as they extend towards the tail. The contours give the X4’s rear end a dynamic stature. The BMW X4 Concept comes with large and almost square wheel arches. The wheel arches draws further attention to the car’s planted stance and long wheelbase. They also house the large 21-inch bi-colour light-alloy wheels. 

Aggressive front

The rear of the BMW X4 Concept takes the sporting, width-accentuating elements of the front-end design and reproduces them with a horizontal flare. The body’s lines and the slim LED tail lights, positioned at the outer edges of the rear, emphasise the muscular wheel arches and wide track. Below, horizontal lines split the rear visually into sections.  Light surfaces on the rear reduce the car’s visual height and underline its width. The rear window gives the vehicle’s body an even more powerful impression. The broad shoulders give X4 Concept a show-stealing presence. 

L-shaped BMW rear lights

Looking further down the L-shaped rear lights, of the BMW X4 Concept, underscores its consummate stance on the road. A full-sized inner element in the tail lights, replicates the signature BMW “L” shape in three-dimensional form. The X4 Concept’s rear bumper mimics the wide, full-length of the front bumper’s large outer air intakes. The rear bumper also houses two exhaust tailpipes in a dynamic sweep before diverting the gaze to the wheels. 

Full-LED headlamps

Body-colour elements, reaching well down towards the road surface, provide a high-quality border for the rear end. The colour elements also re-emphasize the road-focused proposition of the BMW X4 Concept. As at the front of the car, three milled elements in gleaming chrome add a sophisticated touch to the underside protection.
            BMW Group might launch the production version of the BMW X4 Concept, as a smaller version of the BMW X6. This is because BMW launched an X3 which was based on the larger X5 Sports Activity Vehicle. The BMW brand in Kenya is represented by Bavaria Auto, a full franchise holder. They are located along Mombasa Road, in Kenya.