Bugatti Galiber

Bugatti Galiber
Imagine waking up every morning, to what defines beauty at its best. This I believe is what Bugatti engineers hope to achieve with the new Bugatti Galibier. 
Aluminum and carbon fiber interact in harmony 
The car is a monument to commemorate Bugatti’s 100th anniversary. From the looks of it, Bugatti Galibier’s design masters the challenge of uniting sportiness with the comfort and elegance of a modern four-door saloon. It borrows heavily from its older sister, The Veyron, in terms of design.
Rear hatchback design
For the start, it has a 16-cylinder, 8-litre engine but unlike the Veyron, which has four turbo chargers, the Galibier has two superchargers.
View from the top
This means it has less horsepower than the Veyron. It has about 850 bhp, which takes this amazing machine to a top speed of nearly 400 km/h.
With the doors open
Attached to the rear of the W16 engine will be an automatic gearbox but the exact specification is, according to the engineers, still to be decided.
Bigger than its sister, the Veyron
It seems Bugatti could well fit a revised version of the eight-speed gearbox found in the Veyron but engineers hinted that they are working on a new version, which would give the car even greater refinement.
Majestic front design thanks to use of LEDs
The driver grips the same steering wheel as found in a Veyron. That is about it for carry-over parts between the two cars.
Name engraved in its alluminium skin
I like to introduce you to what will soon be the most powerful saloon in the world. What makes it so fast is down to its powerful engine and that amazing body made out of polished aluminum and carbon fiber.
Arm rests runs from the front to the back
Carbon fiber not only possesses unusually great rigidity but also is light. The wings and doors are out of polished aluminum. A unique design of the Galibier is the bonnet; which folds back from both sides, to reveal the front mounted engine.
Hore Bugatti’s signature of class
The bonnet lifts electronically via a remote control. For ease of servicing, the whole nose is removable in order to access to the engine.
Illuminated wheel caps
The interior reflects the elemental design of the exterior. Climb inside the Galibier and if you are not knocked out by the suffocating whiff of leather hitting you from the moment you enter (even the floor is covered in leather) then the view that greets you from the driver’s perch will render you speechless.
Four tip, twin exhaust
Dominated by a single swathe of beautifully crafted, veneered wood, stretching all the way from A-pillar to A-pillar the dash simplicity is amazing.
Three front visible strategically placed
All instruments are located at the centre; displaying current speed, performance of the engine and lastly the time.
Opened bonnet
Parmigiani, the Swiss maker of fine watches, created the removable Reverso Tourbillon clock for the Bugatti Galibier, which easily wares on the wrist thanks to a cleverly designed leather strap.
Parmigiani removable Reverso Tourbillon clock

Apart from the removable watch, customers will have Bugatti custom-made handbags, wallets and suitcases made with the same leather used in the car. 

Leather door handle
Just behind the wheel is an all-new LCD, which can show a multitude of driver information screens, from bar charts for monitoring various engine functions to sat-nav duties and even night vision displays.
Luxurious front Cockpit
Gear changing is taken care by a series of buttons laid out in a line along the middle of the huge centre console, which runs all the way to the rear compartment and neatly dissects the two, individual rear seats.
Enough room for four occupants
Behind the rear passengers, lies another surprise – the Galibier is in fact a hatchback, so the boot is quite large and reinforces the notion this should be a usable car. 
Equally majestic rear
Bugatti will produce only 300 units at the price of £900,000 (Kshs. 99,000,000). This is cheaper compared to the Veyron, which goes for £1Million and £1.6 Million for the Veyron Supersport (fastest production car in the world).