Bugatti Veyron Super Sports
It looks like it can fly

An upcoming super car company in America had come up with what they described as a Bugatti beater, the Shelby Ultimate Aero. It clocked a speed a speed of 410 km/h which beat Bugatti’s Veyron speed top speed of 407 km/h.

The Bugatti Super Sports World Record Edition

Bugatti engineers were furious. They went back to the drawing board and the end result was the revelation of the Super Sports, a car Bugatti hoped to discipline the American Engineers.

side view

The car has undergone many modifications designed to produce an even more powerful car for an agile ride.

Look at that amazing spoiler

Four enlarged turbochargers and bigger intercoolers have been used to boost the power of the 16-cylinder engine, and the chassis has been extensively redesigned to maintain safety at extreme speed.

The rear side

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s flat, elongated silhouette is immediately recognizable. The 16-cylinder engine gets its air from two wine glass shaped ducts integrated into the roof, rather than from scoops above the engine. The front air intakes have been expanded and reshaped.

It blue, metallic blue

The lower one now extends elegantly around the sides to the wheel arch. The revised back looks sportier due to the double diffuser and a centrally arranged exhaust system. The skin is now made of carbon fiber, a light more rigid material.

The wheels are amazing

The cosmetic changes make it more streamlined and more robust compared to its bigger sister the Veyron.

The Super Sports on it way to the history books

The engineers remodeling has resulted to the birth of the most powerful production car to date. It now has 200 bhp more than the Veyron summing up the total bhp to 1200.

the 20000 pounds wheels

The power takes it from 0-200km/h in just 3.6 seconds. To ensure the power is not wasted, special tires have been developed by Michelin for the Super Sports.

love the headlights

They provide the much needed grip and last longer compared to the Veyron. The headlights and air intakes have also been restyled while the car is now rides lower than her sister.

art, form and style at it best

The Super Sports was recently tested at the Volkswagen test track in Ehra-Lessien in Germany. On the sides of the track were a group of invited guests, members of German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) and a representative of Guinness Book of Records. The car was first checked for any defects before Bugatti test driver Pierre Henri Raphanel took it out for a run.

Cosmetic changes that make it slice the wind

In it first run the Super Sports clocked 423 km/h while in the test in the opposite direction (a test required by the Guinness officials) it clocked 434 km/h. The final average speed stood at 431km/h (268 mph), a speed even the engineers had never predicted.

it super
marching interior 

The American dream thrasher is will be available as a special edition world record model (this has the same configurations as the car that set the world record) and as a toned down version which is electronically muzzled at 415 km/h.

The best view in the world

The price for this amazing machine is set at £ 1.6 million (around Kshs 192 million). The car sadly marks the end of the Veyron series from Bugatti.