Cadillac XTS Platinum

Cadillac has decided to be cool again. They have done this with the new XTS Platinum concept.
Cadillac is famously known for producing the first car (Cadillac Type 15) with the gear knob and the three petals (accelerator, clutch and brake) arranged in the way we know today.

Cadillac XTS Platinum

With the new XTS, Cadillac has shown the best of what they can give, just as they did with the Type 15.

The steering wheel

If Cadillac decides to bring it to mass production, it will be one of the most aesthetic American cars in the market. You only have to look at that front grill, the vertical headlight and the curves to get what I mean. They make it appear as majestic as the shot of the lady on Mt. Kenya in the Safaricom advert. The advantage of using LEDs is that they produce a high beam while consuming less energy than normal bulbs. They also turn with the steering wheel for greater visibility in the turns.

Leather with laser markings

At side are massive curves and wheel arches with 20 inch wheels. The wheels are made of brushed aluminum with bright inserts within the spokes. On top of the boot is the high mounted brake light which acts as the spoiler. The billet aluminum boot lid, twin exhaust and most importantly the logo complete back of the XTS.

The back seats

If one is not wowed by the site of the interior in the XTS, the gadgets in the surely will. Some cows gladly offered their premium leather. A laser beam then gave the leather a pattern consisting of little dots. Thoughtfully detailed stitching is used throughout the interior, including the seats, instrument panel and door panels.

The majestic rear view

The patterned material adorns the center sections of the seats and the door trim. Light cream is the cabin’s primary color and is contrasted with darker elements, such as the steering wheel and an overhead console motif that runs the length of interior’s roof.

Rear side

The console is made of a richly finished wood and houses lighting features. Designers blended the display screens into a flowing instrument panel. They call it a “dead front” design, because the panels appear black until the car is turned on and the screens illuminate. At the back are two screens which pop up at the touch of the button. They display anything from vehicle information, television and also come in handy when surfing the internet.

Rear seat controls

Cadillac will grace the bonnet with 3.6L V-6 Direct Injection gas engine, paired with a plug-in hybrid system. The plug-in technology enables the battery to fully charge from a standard electrical outlet. The key benefit of external plug-in recharging is that the battery can fully recharge in roughly five hours while the car is not in use.

Pop up screens

Overall the engine gives out an estimated 350 horsepower. To give passengers the best ride comfort the XTS comes with a magnetic suspension. They call it the Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) system.

Ultra luxurious rear seats

The suspension automatically adjusts depending on the surface of the road and driving needs.
Stability and safety are left in the hands of Anti-lock Braking System and stability control which monitors the vehicle position ensuring that the car does not topple over especially when cornering.