Class in Town: Range Rover Vogue

When I tell people that ladies should drive and even own a Range Rover, they would just say that ladies can handle its majestic charm. They are about to be proven wrong by lovely Range Rover fan who wished the following to be posted on the blog about the Range Rover. I agree with her. Do you? Comments…(Dan W Mark)

Range Rover Vogue
It is not like other cars, owning one or just having a spin in it can be heaven on earth. A car defines who one is or what they do. Range Rover Vogue just says one thing about a person: class. From the outside to the inside it is just magnificent. One can fall in love with it at first sight, especially if it’s painted in metallic black. 

Khan Range Rover Vogue
The beauty of this car is just breathtaking and worth fighting for. It is fit for both genders either single or with families of their own.
Holland and Holland Range Rover

The interior décor of this car is simply superb, once you get inside you do not want to get out, it is a pure comfort zone. It has a touch of class and elegancy; it is unique, stylish and very specious. Its engine has enough power to keep you ahead on the road. Take to the rough parts of the country and its 4X4 capabilities ensure that you get to your destination on time. 
Classy Interior
Many people say that a Range Rover is never a Woman’s taste but actually 75% of ladies either own or fancy Range Rovers. So ladies welcome to the world of Range Rover Vogue. This ride is all in one and worth emptying your pockets. I am not really a car lover, but Range Rover Vogue struck me as a must have! 
Ladies favorite SUV

There are sleek versions of the Range Rover Vogue like the Kahn Range Rover Black Vogue.
The rims are metallic black and are wide. The sizes of the rims are 22×10 all around. The tire sizes of all four are 285/35/22.

Wine cabinet at the back

There is also a rear but equally appealing Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate. This rear jet-plane like seats, a wine chiller, two iPads plus other numerous additions that make you feel like you are in the sky. Another version by gun makers Holland and Holland comes with drinks and firearm cabinet and its interior is decorated by pieces handcrafted from exotic wood.    
Range Rover Vogue Autobiography Ultimate
I am positive by 2030 more Kenyans will be proud owners of a Range Rover Vogue, me included. Currently in Kenya its price at Kshs 6,500,000 in the second hand market while a new one will goes for Kshs 19,000,000

by Betty Onyando