Devon GTX


Back in 2010 a small car company in America created on of the most beautiful muscle cars on the planet. It was named the Devon GTX. The GTX is built entirely by aircraft-quality carbon fibre and crafted into an amazing design. The carbon fibre is laid on a steel frame work to make it extremely lightweight, strong and stiff. 

Devon GTX

The design is angled towards a classic muscle car theme. It has a long bonnet and a short occupant compartment. An aero-sloped front section is visible at its face. A center-positioned billet, that runs uninterrupted to the center of the hood, helps to an intake located on the bonnet. Next to it are stylish and powerful headlamps with a silver enclosure and turn signals. Ample air for combustion and brake cooling is achieved through large intakes positioned in the lower forward corners.

Classic muscle theme visible everywhere

The intakes carry large chrome trapezoid-shaped inlets that lead to channeling for optimal combustion air intake and engine cooling. Posted exterior rear-view mirrors have been aero-optimized. They help in channeling air around the passenger compartment. Three-inch wide trapezoidal chrome dual exhaust tips match the intake inlets in the front, are positioned side-by-side and pass through the center portion of the rear fascia. An optional rear spoiler is also fitted to boost handling by ensuring the rear wheels remain stuck to the road. 

Stylish doors

Under the bonnet is an 8.4-litre naturally aspirated V10 engine that produces 650hp. It’s mated to a six-speed manual transmission. It has a top speed of 322km/h and 0 to 100km/h takes just 3.4 seconds. Steering feedback to the driver is performance tuned through a premium rack and pinion steering gear. The result is steering precision a response that is smooth and predictable. It has independent front and rear suspension setup fitted with a continuously variable damping system.

aero-tunned side mirrors

The system uses electronic control of damping forces in a continuously variable real-time damping system to provide exceptional responsiveness, greatly increased driver control and increased tire contact with the road, regardless of road surface.

HD instrument dials

In order to achieve optimal aerodynamics and ride/handling characteristics in all driving scenarios it comes fitted with an articulating splitter. The splitter is fixed with a hydraulic that moves it by 80-mm to the front to produce enhanced downforce for optimal track performance.

Large front air intakes

An optional ride height adjustment system is on offer. The system uses the dual-rate springs to either raise or lower the GTX. In the extended ride height mode (Tour mode, or high setting), the springs are tuned to be softer for more jounce and rebound, ensuring a civilized ride. In the lower setting (Performance mode, or low setting), the springs are competition-rate stiff, delivering enhanced driver feedback and governed pitch and roll characteristics. To bring the GTX to a halt, a powerful brake system is used.

Large aluminum alloy wheels

The brake system is designed to provide shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, firmer pedal feel and less brake fade. It has six pistons in each front caliper and four in each rear. The brake calipers are visible behind the forged aluminum alloy wheels with center lock configuration. Wheel sizes are 18 inches in the front; 19 inches in the rear. Larger optional wheels that measure 19 inches in the front and 20 inch in the rear are also available.  

Made interly by carbon fibre

Inside the driver grips a small, thick-rimmed, leather-wrapped steering Carbon-fiber reinforced structured seats (carrying a racing shell design and integrated headrests) incorporate five-point harness seat belts. One can also order the seats with a six-point racing harness seat belts. The seat is chrome trimmed and has large side bolsters. The seat is covered by the softest real-leather hide available. All audio, AC, and cluster instrumentation is communicated via digital analog graphics on high-definition displays.

With the optional rear spoiler

All instrumentation incorporates bluish fluorescent illumination. The speedometer, tachometer, fuel, temperature and other mechanical related instrumentation is displayed in the cluster. The gear stick has a traditional neo-retro white ball-head and is made from tiff polished aluminum. The gear stick is surrounded by a piano black finish, which carries back-lit, surface-flush touch switches for windows, door locks, related chassis controls, and an electronically actuated parking brake system.

Sporty seats with chrome outline

Prices for the Devon GTX start at $500,000. One can also order it with an optional racing package that adds another $25,000 to the price. Once can also customize the Devon to suit their needs.