Dodge SRT Viper GTS

When the previous Dodge Viper came out back in 2003, it was regarded as the true representation of an American muscle car. It was fast, breath-taking and thanks to the lack of safety equipment such as traction control, ABS and others, it considered as dangerous as the reptile it’s named after. Its adrenalin triggering characteristics won it many hearts and fans all over the world. Dodge has now released a new replacement that promises to keep the Viper’s legend alive. 
Aggressive side look
The exterior has been restyled but it still holds visible resemblance to the previous model. It now has all new Dual-function, bi-xenon projector headlamps. They are tightly packaged with white light-emitting diode (LED) daytime running lamps and LED turn signals that feature a ‘snake eye’ styling.
Lower front grill and brake cooling ducts
The front grill is lower as expected but it now features carbon fibre brake cooling ducts. An aluminium exhaust system is visible in front of the rear wheels.  The 18 inch front and 19 inch rear wheels are available in either five-spoke, forged aluminium design or six-spoke forged aluminium design. 
Snake eye front bi-xenon headlamps in action
At the back are LED taillamps that integrate stop and turn signals in a single element. With dark-masked lenses, the horizontal lamps appear dark until the LED elements fire. Each lamp carries 50 LEDs that provide a unified ‘crystallized’ illumination effect.
Carbon fibre enforces its lightness
The rear back glass is now more flat compared to the previous model.  Rear brake ducts, available in gloss black or carbon fibre, are integrated into the B-pillars. They help channel air downward to cool rear rotors and callipers. They also help to visually stretch the roof, window graphic and side view profile. 
Flat rear window
Under the front scales is a hand built all aluminium 8.4-litre overhead valve V10 engine. The engine generates an amazing 640 horsepower. Married to the engine is an all new six-speed manual transmission. The manual transmission features shorter gear ratios that help improve the overall acceleration of the car.
640hp heart
The power is sent directly to the rear wheels. Major changes have also been done on the front and rear suspension.  An aluminium impact beam at the front of the car helps in reduction of the overall weight of the car. It also helps improved the overall handling of the car.  At the rear, the suspension has been re-engineered for better tow control and dynamic stability.
Double bubble roof for increased interior comfort
Electronic stability and traction systems help tame its powerful capabilities while providing enough traction and stability at any speed.  Stopping power has also been improved. The new Viper now features four-piston Brembo brakes that come with fixed-aluminum calipers. 
Huge 18 inch front and 19 rear wheels
Inside, the six-way manually adjusted driver seat and passenger seat are covered in nappa leather. The interior is further improved by the colour-keyed stitching visible on the instrument panel, center console, doors and A-pillars.
Nappa leather covered interior
A standard black interior is also available which also comes with black stitching on the instrument panel, console, pull brake, shifter boot, shifter head, steering wheel, upper doors and seats.  At the centre of the car is an all-new 7-inch, full colour display that is fully customizable. Drivers have a wide range of custom and personal options. A wide range of vehicle information is clearly communicated with easy-to-understand icons. 
LED lamps adorn the rear
To kill the noise from the powerful V10, the new Viper comes with a standard 9-speaker audio system that includes a 7-channel digital signal processer amplifier. If this is not enough a 12-speaker Harman Kardon surround system with 5.2 speaker playback is available.
Harman and Kardon entertainment system
The system features five surround channels and two subwoofers. However if you have even more to spend an 18-speaker Harman Kardon surround system with Logic7 and 5.4 speaker playback is available. With this one has a total of five surround channels and four subwoofers.
Luxurious Viper GTS interior

A wide range of connecting digital equipment is on offer. There are ports for USB, SD Card, auxiliary jack. The new Viper is available as a standard hardcore Viper SRT or as a luxurious but equally hardcore Viper SRT GTS.
Side exhaust tip
Many regard the Viper as one the most dangerous reptiles but in now they should be glad to know that the name also represents an amazing piece of automotive engineering