Toyota Vitz
Ask any Kenyan to mention a popular car in our streets and if the Vitz is not mentioned the answer would probably be the Probox. So what are they really? 
Rear of the Vitz
The Vitz is a compact car launched in 1999 but debut in Kenya in 2004 through the second hand market. Its basic model (popular with ladies) has a small 1000cc engine with a fuel consumption of 4.5 litres per 100 km covered.
Interior of the Vitz
The powerful version known as the RS (quite popular with the men) has 1400cc engine married to a small turbo charger. The ‘couples’ give the RS a total of 145 hp and a top speed of 155km/h. A normal Vitz has room for four occupants. The interior feels rather cuddly.
Cockpit of the Vitz
For a mother with naughty kids, the cuddly interior makes it easy for her to get hold of them for some high-tech beating. In the RS version the normal front seats are replaced with sports seat. The rear seats are also more comfortable. It also has a large rear spoiler and well styled 18 inch wheels. The normal Vitz has a 4 speaker system single CD radio while the RS has a 6 speaker single CD radio. 
Front of the Probox
Both versions are cheap to maintain. They have huge space at the boot which can be further boosted by folding the rear seats. They also have easy maneuverability in traffic jams and they fit in tiny parking spaces.  The Vitz is also available as a 4 door saloon known as the Platz. Another version known as the Fun Cargo has plenty of room for both occupant comfort and transportation of goods. The Vitz popularity is slowly been overtaken by a new comer the Probox
Interior of the probox
From it name you get the feeling that the engineers at Toyota City hoped to create a propelled box hence the name Probox.
Toyota Probox
The Probox, which was launched in 2006 and debut in Kenya in 2008, is actually made to be a commercial vehicle for delivery of goods to any given destination.  Its huge 4 litre boot space ensures that it can carry lots of items of any shape and size.
This has made it so popular with Kenyan entrepreneurs. The boot can also be modified to be a fridge to carry perishable goods. Its popular rear seat, which many regard as uncomfortable, is designed that way so that it can fold flat. It has a 1500 cc engine that consumes around a litre more compared to the basic Vitz. The engine has an output of 105 hp enough to deliver goods at any given destination in time. Another version of the Probox called the Succeed which has a prettier shape, good seats and stylish allow wheels is on offer.
Rear of the probox
The top of the range Succeed version has a powerful 2000cc engine which has an output of 170 hp. It has a top speed of 180 km/h which is 20 more compared to the Probox. 
True Workhorse
The Succeed also has a rear spoiler and 16 inch alloy wheels on the top of the range models. In the Succeed, the rear bench is replaced with comfortable seats that can also fold to create more room for the boot. Both versions can carry five occupants thanks to their roomy interior. The Probox comes fitted with an AM/FM four speaker radio unit while the Succeed is available with a single CD AM/FM 4 speaker unit. The Probox is therefore more of a commercial vehicle while the Succeed is more of a family car with the benefits found in the Probox.
Boxy shape
Prices for the normal Vitz start from Kshs. 550,000 while the Platz, Succeed and Fun Cargo prices start from Kshs. 650,000. The Vitz RS price starts from Kshs. 750,000.
Rear of the Succeed
While they share the same surname, it seems that their different characteristics have contributed to their ever rising popularity in Kenya.