Ferrari FF

From the race tracks of Italy was the birth of some one of the best sports car creation in the world. It founder was a passionate race driver who won many races for his former company. He later decided to form his own car company and the result was Ferrari from his name Enzo Ferrari.
As his passion for racing grew, he needed more money to help fund his team. The result was the creation of his road going versions of his popular racing machines. His company has now grown to become the most prestigious Italian super car marker. He was a harsh man and always expected the best perfections in his cars. His harsh mouth resulted to the birth of two sports cars; Lamborghini and Ford GT.
Looks almost similar to the Ferrari 458
If he was alive today am sure he will be happy with the company’s new creation launched on the recent Geneva motor show. The Ferrari FF is the company’s first four-seater, four wheel drive grand tourer. It copies some of its design lines from the charismatic 458 Italia (which I like very much). The car is as huge as the history it has made for Ferrari. 
On test in the sands of Saudi Arabia
It the first Ferrari to have a GDI V12 connected to a seven-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox. It is also the first Ferrari to have a fuel efficient engine. Its fuel consumption now stands at just 15.4 litres per 100 km. The icing on the historical cake is the power from the V12; a roaring 660 bhp! 
Magnificent, appealing and classy side    
That power is enough to take it from 0-100km/h n just 3.7 seconds. One can reach 200km/h from 0km/h in just 11 sec. The engine will propel the car to a top speed of 335 km/h.

Classic pininfarina styling

The 4 wheel drive system is by far the most complicated I have ever seen in a machine. Sophisticated computers delivered power to each of the wheels, but the PTU (Power Transfer Unit) ensures that more is transferred to the front wheels when necessary. 
On test on snow in Europe
The Ferrari FF computer intelligently distributes torque to each of the four wheels individually. Ferrari is so pleased about this new system. They spent hours testing it in the snows of Northern Europe and the deserts of Saudi Arabia just to prove how awesome it was.
Lightness was another gospel spread in the making of the FF. Meticulous attention was taken in lightening the engine, body shell and a host of other components. 
Best seat in the Grand Tourer
The interior has been optimized through the use of high-tech materials such as magnesium for the seats. It also has light third generation Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. They are long-lasting, with virtually negligible wear during normal use on the road. The have the potential to tame the prancing horse from 200km/h to 0km in just 3.5 seconds.
The FF was styled by Italy’s best design group Pininfarina. It has four amazing ‘hugging’ leather seats. A choice of six exclusive colours and the finest Frau Aniline (luxury jet) leather specially treated to enhance their natural softness. 
Rear seat VIP lounge
The entertainment unit consists of two screens for watching TV and DVD and a 1,280 Watt, 16-channel stereo system with Dolby Surround Sound. Its 450 litre boot can also be extended to 800 litres as the rear seats fold down independently. That’s plenty of space to store the leather suitcases made with the same leather as the seats. New owners will receive the suitcases on purchase of the FF. Hence it marks another chapter in the company history books. It has the largest boot space ever found in a Ferrari. It’s also their first hatchback.
The price for this amazing piece of history is £ 250,000 or Kshs 32 million (excluding taxes).