Fiat 500X 2016 Review

Fiat 500X 2016 Review

Fiat will finally bring real adult vehicle for the US market. The 500X invites Tyres Driver into something more comfortable than the small two-door Cinquecento car as toy city, the new brand in the United States in 2010 launched, and offers a much more attractive driving experience frumpy 500L never imagined slipping. The X is much better than the L, in fact, we suggest the days shall begin the only advantage a little more inside.

To date, Fiat continued market return mode mini-burning America. Start with a small car offers many customization options, and then expand the range of products on hewing to a single design theme. Go sometime next year to break the Italians developed in a new direction with the 124 Spider with the Mazda Miata, but now every Fiat in this country remains a 500. The X could be the best yet, it certainly extends the brand appeal to American drivers who need more than the minimalist transport.
The 500X is really good, even if the design elements of court on the grounds that this. Just another variation on the original is not. About a new global platform (the same as the Jeep Renegade is based) built, the 500X designers did their sums properly and for the first time since the revival of the brand had here, was withdrawn from the US market in mind from the First -ir, attitude and proportions that have to admire auto shows and even looks better in real world traffic. Both outside and in, seems to be built to a higher and more beautiful than the 500L standard materials when prototypes that went straight in and around Los Angeles indicative of cars on US dealers should arrive.

No stranger to this country

The chassis is shared with the renegade and propulsion systems are familiar FCA hardware, so just tuning, Tuning, and equipment to distinguish the 500X. The base model uses the familiar setting pop name and is powered by 160-hp 1.4-liter MultiAir turbocharged four, the 500 Abarth is Fiat, combined with a six-speed manual transmission standard with power. Pop is the only 500X provides a clutch pedal, and has options beyond the choice of colors; the nine-speed automatic transmission and 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, the standard for the rest of trim levels are also an option in the popup menu. As VW Golf with its sports car Fiat auto shift corresponds with a focus sackcloth racing if you want to paddle your own, you obviously can not mean a larger touch screen or a heated steering wheel. Vendors say that the recording speed in the manual is only 1-3 percent, but that’s a self-fulfilling with packaging as this prophecy. If you can not get navigation or seats or a rear view camera or improved with a transmission that is very effective distribution of audio shift lever killing. We want Fiat Mini had reflected the way in this case; Countryman can with a manual, to be optioned even if the maximum.

Simple, trekking, lounge and Trekking Y: However, the vast majority (95 percent, the FCA estimates) is Fiat 500X models in one of four different trim levels. Five trim levels sound like much, but most of the differences are executed in cosmetics. All but the pop use the 180-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder Tigershark has more power but less torque than the smaller 1.4-liter turbo. Fiat estimates that about 40 percent of buyers choose the optional ($ 1,900) to all four wheels with independent rear axle. It is the same as that used in the Renegade, but more capable Fiat four by four units, the Jeep Trailhawk not offer in his version. So the two iterations of trekking have elements of exterior and interior design to cause off-road capability, but everything is just window dressing, at least in our market (500X is sold in about 100 countries). Simple and Lounge versions support a greater resemblance to the small Cinquecento with a similar front fascia. In all models 500X will look, feel and perform better than previous US Fiat.