Genesis, the 1st Murcielago
It’s sad for me to finally say goodbye to car that ignited my undying passion for cars, the Lamborghini Murcielago. From the year 2001 when you replaced the mighty Diablo no one ever thought that you would grow up to be one of the most dramatic cars in the world
The heart attack causer LP 640−4
You had every aspect of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s dream, a dream to make a unique sports car in terms of design and character. I liked your new look, it brightened the future of your company which was just nearing its 50th anniversary. It made heads turn, as they were left to wonder and mesmerize at the sound of your amazing voice.
The reincarnation of a bull
The first part of your life was great, I love it. The power from your engine was a phenomenon, a heart attack causer and an adrenalin triggering mechanism. Your engineers thought this was not enough and in 2006 they did a complete make over of you and gave you a new name LP640-4. This now meant that you had 640 bhp, 4 wheel drive system and longitudinal posterior installed engine. They also gave you a more aggressive and sharper look that made you stand out like the true bull you are.   
The first Murcielago roadster
If Ferruccio was alive today he would be proud to know that there is a bull out there that bears his name, a name that was one used on slow tractors. People of Sant’ Agata Bolognese watched everyday as 2000 copies of you left the factory to new owners all over the world.
The fastest Lamborghini roadster  the  LP 650−4
Then came the worst news that finally after all those years and success your might will be put to rest for good. I was sad until they gave you one last remake suited for a hero and a smile slowly begun forming on my face. The engineers worked hard, gave you a new look and added more power to your engine.
The LP 6404 roadster
You now had 670 bhp, a new front bumper and spoiler. They engineers had made you to be the fastest bull in the world. Your top speed of 324 km/h made it even easier for one to get a heart attack. That spoiler at the rear end generated enough down force to keep your four hooves on the road even at high speeds. How can I forget the V12 roar from your huge exhaust system? It could make a Vitz crumble to pieces just by the sight of it. The interior blew me away. The combination of Alcantara, carbon fiber and leather created a symphony of science and nature in a way never seen before.
The interior of the Super Veloce
All this add-ons made you more aggressive, pointed and precise. All this additions made not only me happy but the 350 customers who purchased copies of you.
The chemical romance of metal, chrome and leather
Ferruccio Lamborghini possing with the Countach, Muira and Lamborghini tractor (The first Lamborghini was a tractor) (photo from

On March 11, 2010 the last of your kind left the factory, escorted by some of the best your firm has ever produced. The 350 GT (First Lamborghini car), The Miura (first car with engine in the middle), The Countach (The father of Lamborghini doors) and your elder sister The Diablo, escorted you to your last resting place, The Lamborghini museum. Now you are gone, gone for good never to be heard or seen again rolling out from the factory in Sant’ Agata Bolognese.

The Lamborghini LP6704 Super Veloce (super fast)
Thank you for influencing my life and making my wall a sight to admire everyday in the morning Murcielago. As they say in Italian, ciao ci mancherai tantissimo (bye we will miss you very much)
The fastest Lamborghini ever made. The last Murcielago
The 4099 Murcielago to leave the factory 

 Goodbye Murcielago and thank you for igniting my passion for cars