GTA Spano – Striking and unique

The GTA Spano history begins in 2005. At that time, the car was just a secret project by GTA Motor Company based in Valencia Spain. Under the able leadership of Domingo Ochoa, GTA managed to convert the secret project to a striking supersports car. Designed by GTA Motor’s engineering director, Valencian-born Sento Pallardo, the Spano boasts the most advanced technology, great aesthetics, smooth aerodynamics and a numerous other features which are capable of competing with rivals in terms of both image and performance. Only 99 examples of the GTA Spano will be available to customers worldwide. Thus the super sports car is not only striking but exclusive as well. 

GTA Spano

The GTA Spano’s front looks feature two large side air intakes and convex bonnet. The two combine with an aerodynamic streamlining zone that facilitates airflow and gives the car an aggressive look. The side mirrors feature a carbon fibre look and a wing like arm made of aeronautical mechanised aluminium.

Aerodynamic profile

The doors on the other hand fit perfectly into the into the side air intakes which, apart from performing an aerodynamic function, refrigerate elements such as oil coolers, power-assisted steering and brakes, among others. Access to the interior is accomplished by pressing the GTA logotype next to the door.  

Logo that unlocks the doors

This adds an elegant touch to the car’s profile thanks to the lack of traditional handles. At the rear, the design department has attempted to create the best way to channel the air that flows under the car.

Aggressive front

The resulting effect is a rear design with plenty of character, marked by the use of glass with its small openings that perform a cooling function for the engine. The rear spoiler fits perfectly into the design with the diffuser, while the two air intakes and the twin exhaust system emphasise the car’s sport character. The wheels, 19″ at the front and 20″ at the rear, are characterised by their angular shape.


Only 99 units up for grabs

The GTA Spano features an 8.3-litre V10 engine. The power unit is placed in a longitudinal rear position. Output is from the V10 unit is rated at 611 kW (820 hp) and 960 Nm. A choice of two transmission units can be paired with the engine; an automatic sequential 7 speed transmission with paddle shifters or with manual sequential shift. The GTA Spano accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Power unit

Top speed is rated at 350 km/h. Braking performance is provided by 380 mm-diameter carbon ceramic ventilated disc brakes and 6-piston callipers supplied by AP Racing.  The GTA Spano features sophisticated traction control system and ABS. Traction is provided by tyres manufactured by Pirelli: 255/35 on a 19″ front wheel and 335/30 on a 20″ rear wheel. The GTA Spano also offers self-adjusting shock absorbers which are capable of raising the car by up to 8 cm to avoid potholes and regular speed bumps on roads, and to facilitate access to garages.


Carbon fibre mirrors

The GTA Spano’s interior features high-quality materials such as leather and carbon fibre. There is ample space for two occupants who enjoy the enhanced spaciousness provided by the large panoramic glass roof. The prevalent feature of the instrument panel is a multifunction LCD screen, which can be personalised according to the driver’s requirements and provides the driver with all the necessary information.


It includes every button required to adjust the high front bodywork, the rear wing and also the glass roof opacity system. The steering wheel is made out of carbon fibre and leather, another typical sporting feature of this vehicle. A joystick is located behind the steering wheel to operate lights, wipers and indicators. 

Comfortable seats made by Recaro
The two Recaro seats are covered in leather and feature electronic adjustment together with heating and cooling. The 7-inch LCD on the dashboard has several functions such as navigation, radio with MP3 CD, an iPod port and Bluetooth for mobile phones. The screen also displays images from the rear view camera.

Multifunction LCD behind the steering wheel

Boot space is available in two locations; a 100-litre in the front and a 200-litre located in the back. The front boot has a reverse opening system to make the task of loading luggage easier. There are also two glove compartments, one located in the central compartment and the other on the front passenger’s side. It is possible to refrigerate them and they also include a drinks holder.


Rear of the GTA Spano

The GTA Spano is one of the rarest, advanced and most powerful cars in the world at the moment. The supersports cars great aerodynamics, powerful engine and luxurious interior make it a must have item for a car lover. The car also sets a great foundation for GTA’s future performance machines. This magnificent Spanish supersports car is priced around $ 725,000.