Honda Civic
The previous Honda Civic model was cherished by teens and young drivers. They were not only drawn by its amazing looks but also the rear boot space that could house huge speaker systems, a must have accessory for a young driver. Honda has launched the new model which is 20mm lower and 10mm wider than the previous model. 
Side view
The good news is that it has not lost the futuristic look that made it so popular but the designers have made some cosmetic changes to give it an overall elegant design. The front design consists of a lower placed grill, restyled front headlights and low air intakes.
Integrated rear spoiler
The bonnet also slants down to connect with the front fascia of the car. It also features new high and low beam HID projector-type lights. An automatic high-beam support system is also integrated in the headlights. It uses a CMOS camera fitted to the driver rear view mirror. The camera detects oncoming headlights or the taillights of a vehicle in front and automatically dips the headlights onto their normal setting if they are on high-beam. 
Front look
This allows the driver to fully concentrate on the road conditions, without having to manually control the high-beam setting. At the side, the wheel arches bulge out giving the Civic a smooth look from the front to the side right to the back. The side styling can be further improved by optional 16-inch Sporty designed wheels or 17 wheels.  
Sports rims
Two 18 inch alloy wheels are both available with a carbon-inspired centre cap. The rear design consists of a uniquely styled lighting system. The system has the indicators and rear light at each corner of the back while a horizontal brake light that connects the rear lights also works as a spoiler with an aerodynamic function. The wing mirrors now have integrated LED indicator lights.
Glowing Dials
Under the bonnet is a choice of three engine options. There is a 2.2 litre i-DTEC diesel engine. It has a total output of 150 PS and uses 4.2 litres to cover 100 km. 0 to 100km/h takes 8.5 seconds. The engine is married to a six speed manual transmission system.
1.8 litre i-VTEC engine
Another version is a 1.8 litre i-VTEC, one of the best Honda engines in the market. This delivers 142 PS of power and will take the Civic to 100km/h for 0 in 9.1 seconds. It also comes fitted with new features such as low-viscosity engine oil, improved catalyser material, ACG multi-stage control and an improved knock control system.
Engine start button
This engine version is connected to a 5 speed automatic transmission system. The third version is a 1.4 litre i-VTEC engine. This uses advance variable valve timing system to further boost its fuel efficiency. This has a total output of 100 PS and also comes fitted with similar fittings found in the 1.8 litre engine version. All manual transmission systems come fitted with Hill Start Assist system.
Door Slits
This system prevents the car rolling back when the driver releases the brake pedal and presses the accelerator. The power is feed to the four wheels connected to an all new suspension system. Honda has replaced the standard rear type suspension with a new fluid-filled compliance bushing suspension. This ensures effective shock absorption ensuring a smooth ride. The front MacPherson suspension and steering system have also been tuned to improve handling and stability.  
There is enough room for five occupants in the car. The front however has been tailor-made to suit the driver.  At the front the driver cockpit is divided into two.
Honda infotainment system
There is the Information Interface zone and the Driving Interface zone. The Driving Zone consists of the steering and all necessary controls used to drive the car. The Information Interface zone consists of the navigation system, heater control and A/C controls. All controls are within reach of the driver.
Drivers cockpit
The gear lever has been moved closer to the steering wheel. The handbrake has also been moved next to the passenger seat, where it can be easily operated by the driver. The driver seat now features an air cell lumber and side support. Hence the seat can be adjusted to suit a driver of any size. Plug outlet, USB and AUX-in ports are also included.
Spacious interior
The air cells have a contact pump that pressurizes two air cells in the lower seat back that enhance the lumbar support. The dials have also been placed with driver comfort in mind. Primary dials such as the digital speedometer has been placed top of the dashboard where the driver can easily read without loosing his focus on the road. Other secondary dials are placed behind the steering.
Magic seats
The cockpit consists of plastic that has a leather look with a geometric pattern. The door linings are also illuminated by a cool blue ambient. One can order the interior in either Glamorous Black or Cool Grey. It also has enough room to carry large suitcases thanks to the foldable seats. The seats can also be flipped up to reveal a large floor for carrying tall objects.  
USB, Video and power outlets
Entertainment is taken care by a 6.1″ touch screen color LCD QVGA Intelligent Multi-Information system. This not only plays songs from your portable player but it can also display artists and album on the player. It also offers USB and iPod connectivity. 
Amazing interior
It also displays information from the ECO ASSIST system. What ECO ASSIST does is to advice drivers on how their driving style is impacting fuel economy. It then coaches drivers by showing them how it is possible to decrease fuel use by maintaining momentum and avoiding excessive acceleration or deceleration. It also comes fitted with a full-automatic detachable trailer hitch. Thanks to its integrated design the housing becomes invisible when detached.
Safety monitor for rear passengers
All the Civic models come equipped with ABS. It is complemented by Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) which adjusts front-to-rear brake effort to achieve maximum braking performance and stability based on the vehicle’s speed. Brake performance has also been improved with disc and caliper sizes optimized at the front and rear wheels. The calipers have been changed to a hammer-head type, reducing friction and boosting efficiency.
Huge boot

The Civic is available in three packs that meet the need of each individual client. There is the Sports pack which consists of a body-colored tailgate spoiler, illuminated doorstep garnish with a blue Civic logo. The front, rear and side skirts come in a carbon-inspired finish and provide an exciting edge to the car.
Rear lights
The next is a Design pack which has a sports tank lid, air intake garnish, tailgate decoration, door mirror covers and a front sports grille. They all come in a matte metallic silver finish. The last is a Convenience pack which consists of a doorstep garnish, side body trims, mudguards and a trunk tray.