Honda CR-Z

Honda has updated the sporty CR-Z hybrid with a range of improvements focusing on style and performance.
Honda CR-Z

Subtle revisions to the exterior and interior enhance the styling of the car whilst the power of both the petrol engine and electric motor has been increased to 135hp without comprising fuel economy or increasing exhaust emissions. The car also features a Lithium Ion battery for the first time and a Plus Sport (S+) boost system to help the driver make the best use of this sporty performance. 

Remains generally unchanged

The 2013 CR-Z can be identified by a range of styling upgrades that emphasize the coupe’s sporty appeal. Style conscious motorists will appreciate the Honda CR-Z’s new front bumper design, which frames a revised grille. This is complemented at the rear by a new aerodynamic diffuser design, while striking 17inch alloy wheels fill the wheel arches of the GT model. Two bold new colours, Energetic Yellow and Aurora Violet, further enhance the CR-Z’s stylish looks.

Front look with a improved look and new LED daytime running lights

Honda has updated the hybrid’s interior with a new colour scheme, while revisions to the door casings improve cabin storage.

Large 17-inch alloy wheels

The Honda CR-Z’s 1.5-litre petrol engine has been updated with changes to the variable valve timing system and Engine Control Unit (ECU). An anti-vibration knock sensor has been introduced and the material of the crankshaft has been upgraded. The peak power output has been increased from 112hp to 119hp.

Interior remains unchanged as well

The electric motor system has also been improved. The change from a Nickel-metal hybrid (Ni-MH) to a Lithium Ion battery has been accompanied by an increase in power from 13hp to 19hp. The 0-100km/h sprint time falls from 9.7 sec to 9.0 sec and top speed is 200km/h. The combined consumption is 4.16 liters/100km.

One of the best looking hybrids in the market

To help the driver make the best use of this sporty performance, Honda has introduced a Plus Sport (S+) boost system. If the battery is more than 50 per cent charged, the driver can activate this system using the S+ button on the steering wheel.

S+ button for a more sportive response

When the accelerator is pressed the electric boost begins, delivering increased acceleration for up to ten seconds. A flashing gauge on the dashboard indicates when the system is active. S+ can be used in ECON, Normal or Sport modes.