Hyundai i40 tourer
Hyundai’s recent came back with quality machines have got everyone talking. Some of their creations have wowed many while others have just been spectacular to look and drive. With the debut of the i40, Hyundai has now taken a spot in the podium of excellence.
Fluidic Styling visible in the front
Although it still has the ‘fluidic sculpture’ design found in nearly all Hyundai’s this days, it overall design is something never seen before in a Hyundai. The front design consists of huge air intakes, stylish fog lamps at each end of the bumper, huge Xenon lamps consisting of a strip of a LED strips and a low bonnet. 
Front LED strips giving the headlight a magnificent look
At the side are huge 18 inch wheels, huge doors for easier entry and a slanting roof that makes it look more of a coupe.Things however get interesting at the back. It consists of a polished boot lid that connects the rear huge LED lights. It has a generous wheelbase of 2770 mm an overall width of 1815 mm, 1170 mm of legroom and 1025mm of headroom. 
Amazing looking rims
The generous figures make it one of the largest saloons you can find today.

Under the bonnet are a choice of two petrol engine and a diesel. The 1.7 litre diesel gives out an amazing output of 150 hp. It will take this colossal car from 0 to 100km/h in just 10.6 seconds if in manual mode or 12.0 seconds in automatic mode. 
Economical 16 valve engine
However there is an economical lower version diesel engine which gives out 120 hp. It will take 0.2 seconds more to get to 100km/h compared to the powerful version.
Amazing view of the front
The petrol engine menu consists of a 2.0 litter GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine. This generates 200 hp and can take the i40 from 0 to 100km/h in just 9.7 seconds! It will only need 11.2 litres of fuel to cover 100km. The other dish on the menu is a 16 valve 1.6 litre petrol engine. Even though it has an economical fuel consumption of 9.2 litres, one will have to wait for 11.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100km/h.
Hyundai i40 saloon
Married to the three engines is a six speed transmission system. The driver can choose from two operating modes; fully automatic or manual. In manual mode, one can change gears with ether paddle shifters at the steering wheel or using the centre consol lever. In automatic mode, the car ensures that the right gear is in place at any given speed. If the driver slows down to a stop, the gear shifts from drive ‘D’ to ‘N’ automatically.
Polished strip connects the huge rear LED lighs
A multi-link, fully-independent suspension system is fitted at the rear. It features dampers and coil springs which are mounted separately to more effectively disperse input loads and to minimize intrusion into the cabin and cargo bay. This stabilises the car even if it’s carrying heavy loads at the boot. It also ensures a comfortable ride for the rear passengers. 
Still as huge as the tourer version
At the front MacPherson Strut suspension is employed. The suspension works together with side-load springs to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation for an overall enhanced ride quality.
Hyundai’s generosity is also visible inside. Open the huge doors and a delightful leather interior invites you inside. Lines flow from each corner of the dashboard and meet at a V shaped housing for the infotainment unit. The front seats are adjusted electronically and they can also message and heat the front occupants. 
V shaped centre console
The leather covered steering wheel has numerous button controls for the infotainment unit, the doors, indicators, telephone and lights. The touch screen infotainment system consists of Bluetooth, a six 6 CD player, iPod/ MP3 player connectivity, climate control and the navigation system.   
Rear LED lights
The system also acts as the screen to the rear reverse camera. At the back, the seats can incline to enhance comfort for the rear passengers. 
Panoramic roof
The 16 speaker system ensures they are entertained as they enjoy the view to the outside world enhanced by the panoramic roof. The rear climate control unit keeps them fresh and relaxed. The high roof ensures that even tall passengers can enjoy the ride without minding their heads. 
Spacious boot
Open the rear boot lit and the spacious boot space will blow you away. Thanks to it long wheel base, there is enough room in the boot for storage of huge suitcases for long trips. The rear seats can also fold flat to provide even more room.
 The i40 comes equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), ABS (anti-lock braking system), HAC (Hill Assist Control) to prevent roll-back when starting on an incline, VSM (Vehicle Stability Management), Brake Assist System and Emergency Stop Signal. 
Rear of the i40 saloon
VSM helps the vehicle stay in a stable position if the driver is applying too much steering effort. ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) system ensures that trailing drivers are alerted whenever the driver has to make a sudden or abrupt stop as the rear hazard lamps automatically flash repeatedly when the system senses forceful pressure being applied to the brakes. 

Message option in action
Lane Departure Warning System automatically corrects steering when the vehicle veers out of the lane. Another feature is Smart Parking Assist System. With this installed the car can drive itself into and out of parking spaces that are 100 cm longer than the car. The driver only operates the brake and accelerator. It also comes fitted with seven airbags for improved safety for occupants.   

Wide, longer and spacious
The i40 is available in three versions Active (entry level), Style (with lovely trims and leather interior) and Premium (top of the range). A saloon version is also available.