Jaguar XFR Speed

Jaguar XFR Speed

The Jaguar XFR Speed Pack features a speed limiter raised to 280km/h, the 503hp car is equipped with revised engine and gearbox calibration to match the increased top speed. 
Rear of the XFR Speed
A new front aero splitter and a new rear wing distinguish the Speed Pack car.

Rear integrated spoiler for better aerodynamic performance

The XFR sports saloon benefits from the same combination of eight-speed automatic gearbox and Intelligent Stop/Start allowing it to offer an unrivaled blend of efficiency and excitement. 

large air intakes at the front

 The price for the Speed pack is $3900 (Kshs 223, 000 excluding taxes). This is added to the base price of the XFR which is $84072 (Kshs 7.2 million excluding taxes)