Jaguar XK

Jarguar XK
I first had a glimpse of her future design back in 2005 and I was immediately drawn to her. My love grew even more a year later as she was released to the world.
Twin exaust system
It has been five years of wishing and waiting but finally I got a chance to see her in the flesh. She is an amazing piece of automotive creation.
Partial rear
No one ever thought that her Chief Engineer Mike Cross could make such a wonderful creation that has the beauty and brutality of the animal it’s named after. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to the Jaguar XK, on of the best cars to ever hit the Kenyan automobile market.
Side gills
It still has the its fore fathers traditions of being a beautiful, powerful and ground-breaking sports car, but at the same time its an all round practical feline with lots of modern technology. All this are focussed on enhancing the overall driving experience.
Sneak peak inside
So what makes it so special? It has an aluminium skeleton that makes it a light sports car. It has also been developed using aircraft technology that makes it body stiffer. This lowers the weight of the car and also helps in improving it overall performance on the road.
Fealine looking headlights
When I first had my eyes on this piece of machine at CMC motors I was amazed on how a car company that at recent times associated with the old generation in the society could make such a powerful machine that would sent them to their graves father than it hitting it top speed of 250km/h. Trust me if there was a car that has the potential it has to be the XF. Just the sound of it is enough to cause ripples to any passersby in town.  
LED rear lights in action

This goes down to the amazing heart that powers it, a renowned naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 engine which produces 300bhp. It will take it only 5.9 seconds to reach 100km/h. Impressive? I don’t thinks so, a faster version of the XF known as XF-R or in simple terms the supercharged version, can reach 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds flat! The engine on the XF-R is so lively that you will be spinning the rear tires before setting off.  

XF-R in action

Married to each of the engines is an amazing six speed tramsmission system that one can switch between manual and automatic mode. One can change gears in manual mode by paddle shifters located at the back of the steering wheel. The driver can access the system thank to the Jaguar Sequential Shift™ system.  The system has been tuned for quicker responses, resulting in a smoother, more powerful shift feel and an almost instantaneous shift in either manual or automatic mode.

Side view of the XF-R
To ensure that the power is not wasted, it has specially tuned suspension that ensures the four paws grip the road with the best traction. Turn on the traction control or DSC and it will ensure that the four playful paws don’t misbehave on the road. It suspension also ensures that it tolerates well with the rough Kenyan roads.
It as beautiful to look at just as it is to drive. If the bi-xenon headlight, low nose and air intakes don’t appeal to you or the spoiler and the rear restyled LED headlights don’t blow you away, I guess the interior should surely do the trick. Step inside and the sight will leave you speechless. The modern touches of luxury are reflected in every angle of the interior. From the inviting four leather seats to touches of fine wood at the dashboard, one will surely feel right at home in the XF.

LED rear lights

Close the door and you are locked away from the world as you are entertained by the amazing sound from the car’s 20-speaker Wikins audio system. Owners will also be issued with Sat-Nav on purchase of the XK. They can also request a class or to on how to best to maintain and keep it beautiful fur free of dents and scratches.

XF-R convertible

Prices start Kshs. 18.8 million for the XK-R and Kshs. 15.9 Million for the XK. Although it hardly cheap, nothing offered in the market comes close. Visit CMC for more details