Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has been with us for over 60 years. Lamborghini engineers have continued to captivate us with amazing creations. From the Lamborghini tractors right to the Lamborghini supercars, the engineers have proven that they have what it takes to produces some of the best machines in the world. 

LM002 the first Lamborghini SUV
However with all their greatness, Lamborghini engineers had once made a technical blunder when the launched the the legendary LM002 in 1986. I know I said legendary but trust me it not for the reasons you think. Yes, I know it had and impressive 450 hp, a top speed of 210km/h and even 4WD but it also did have numerous problems. First it had such a higher fuel consumption that compared to H1 Hummer; The Hummer would win by miles.
LM002 Interior
It also had very chucky tires that made it more of a lorry than a 4×4. Inside there were so many buttons that by the time you figured out which button did what, the car would have experienced a catastrophic electric failure. It’s not a surprise that till 1992, when Lamborghini pulled the plug, only 300 units were ever sold. Lamborghini engineers have learnt from their mistakes and what they have created is probably the best looking bull on 4×4 wheels. 

Huge 24 inch wheels
Just like every impressive car Lamborghini has ever created it has on it line, the name is derived from a Spanish fighting bull. Its name Urus comes from one of the largest Spanish fighting bulls that have been bred for the past 500 years. It’s the only bull that can be compared to the new Lamborghini Urus in terms of looks and size. The two also share the same powerful, muscular, athletic and majestic characteristics.     
Front cockpit
Extremely tight razor-sharp lines define the overall appearance of the Urus. At the front there are strong three-dimensional sharp lines and large air intakes that are visible at the left and right of the bumper. Between them is the adaptive front spoiler. Y-shaped daytime running lights are visible in the LED headlamps. Uniquely styled LED fog lamps are positioned beneath the huge air intakes. Lines run from the hood over the roof to the rear of the vehicle. The lines help boost the Urus aerodynamic capabilities. At the side it has narrow window surface that runs from the front to the rear. Below the window surface are huge 24-inch wheels that have a double-spoke design. They are made from forged matte-finish aluminum. At the rear end of the Urus concept consists of narrow rear lights that feature the Lamborghini Y signature light design. They are connected by a black strip. Below the lights are four hexagonal chrome exhaust pipes. 
Four hexagonal chrome exhaust pipes
Under the bonnet it will have a V10 that will generate 600hp. The engine is expected to be not only powerful but also more fuel efficient. The Urus will be a permanent all-wheel drive SUV. It will also be lighter compared to similar sized SUV thanks to some weight saving measures that include the use of carbon fiber components. 
Majestic looking side and low sweeping roof
The interior has also been customized to reflect sportiness of the Urius. Interior comfort is guaranteed thanks to the careful placement of seats. There is enough head room and legroom for everyone. Between the seats is an open, skeletal carbon fiber structure made from Forged Composite. The material is visible through the entire interior and is also partly covered in leather. Single cushions cover the four bucket seats that have been placed low and flat on the floor. 
Leather covered cushions for the seats
Behind the leather and Forged composite steering wheel are shift paddles for the dual-clutch transmission. A start button similar to the one on the Aventador is located at the center console. Buttons for indicators, lights and windshield wipers are incorporated into either the multifunction steering wheel or the center console. The driver is delivered information via a freely programmable TFT screen behind the steering wheel. Navigation, entertainment and climate control are operated via a touchscreen on the center tunnel. Another touchscreen is available for rear seat passengers.
Touch screen at the rear
My verdict; I hope Lamborghini will put will put this into production. If they do we might just be looking at the one of fastest production SUV in the world. So Lamborghini kindly make this vehicle and don’t forget about the lovely Estoque.