Lambo’s 740bhp Aventador SV Car Review

It’s Lambo’s 740bhp Aventador SV Car Review

Two small letters mean much at home Lamborghini. SV a badge applies only versions is very angry-angry bull.

And the Aventador LP 750-4 – the even faster version of V12 Sant’Agata halo car – raging pretty hard. SV stands for the not so small Superveloce Italian expression. Veloce means speed. You guess the Super-bit.

To find this speed, the engineers were Lambo in the bowels of the mighty 6.5-liter V12. The valve timing and variable intake trumpets are cut proposed and cries even harder at high speeds. His breathing dragon breath a new lightweight exhaust system free flowing.
The result is a more powerful 740bhp (free of charge, not to mention), to 50bhp from the “norm” is 690 Rev Limit Aventador? 8500rpm. We try to imagine the sound. We fail.
Less weight is another part of the powerful CV SV. Some 50kg evaporated, leaving a weight of just over 1,600 kg. This means that the overall performance of weight is 10 percent cheaper than the Aventador, a difference that is sure to become remarkable standard.

Lamborghini says it will reach 62 mph in about 2.8 seconds brutal. A shot from 0-125mph is an impression even 8.6 seconds. Porsche 918 territory.
How do they do it? Lambo has become very experienced in various techniques of carbon fiber. So we have the doors and the way in a super light carbon fiber sheet form. The cooling holes and blades back motors are constant time, while usually engines. They are carbon.
Inside, there are ultra light carbon seats, no carpet (can be seen as the carbon sink), no stereo, and less soundproofing. To be honest, this is probably going to save most of your weight right there.

Handling now. The suspension of the pushrod was adaptive Aventador SV MR dampers, that always does well. We are more cautious about the new direction, said computer having a variable relationship.
By revealing, Lambo said, ‘dynamic electromechanical steering Lamborghini (LDS) … variably adjusts the steering ratio of the speed and the dynamic mode is selected. “Yes, it is variable-ratio electric power steering, and frankly we are concerned.
See if you have an address where the relationship is varied – not under the lock, but, depending on the speed and other settings – the result is uncomfortable. No car has never broken this rule. Lambo R & D chief Maurizio Reggiani says it’s good to be obtained due to aerodynamics and tires more control at all speeds. We, however, do not want to drive, we want to feel. Reggiani expected Lambo has you covered. We’ll see.

Finally, on the agenda: aero. You undoubtedly have noticed the rear wing. It has three positions. His pit crew can adjust the speed of more aerodynamic and more (“more than 217 mph) load. It sits atop a diffuser the size of a motorway tunnel.
The front splitter helps Aventador SV pin on the road, too, so you have a total of 170 percent more downforce than the standard car. It help Vast new suture points at the front and rear, the Heat look through the new fire engine refused, and brakes. On the back, which means getting a clear view of the innards of the machine.

They have come up with a car that has done more edges of an explosion at a factory covered. And yet, it seems random: all connections to everything else. What really makes the standard Aventador look tame. And we have to say what a feat this is.