Lexus GS 450h
When it was first introduced for the 2007 the Lexus was the first hybrid-powered luxury sport sedan. It’s celebrating its 6thyear with the launch of it latest model that has an all new engine connected to an electric motor.
Side View
It exterior design expresses the new Lexus design language consisting of the signature spindle grille with its trapezoidal contours that fully integrates into the aggressive front bumper allowing for efficient airflow. This distinctive Lexus design feature combined with the deep-set, high-tech headlamps and L-shaped LED daytime running lamps further boost its front look. Exclusive to the hybrid model is a unique three-lamp design that aligns the turn signal and Lexus-first high and low beam LED lamps in a single horizontal row.
The improved illumination and beam range provided by LED lamps offers better visibility even under low beam driving conditions.
Partial rear
In addition, the rear bumper of the GS hybrid covers the exhaust pipe apertures. From the side, the GS projects the image of a spacious sport sedan with a road-hugging wider stance. The tapered lower rocker panel and the short front overhang give the vehicle a sense of motion.
Unique hybrid headlights
Width-enhancing front and rear wheel arches adds an athletic stance enhancing the vehicle’s dynamic presence. It comes with standard 17-inch alloy wheels. There are also optional 18-inch alloy wheels.The rear bumper features centred aero fins that help control under body airflow. It also has the L-shaped LED tail lamps that also reflect the new Lexus design. 
Amazing front look

Under the bonnet is a Lexus Hybrid Drive system. This consists an ultra-smooth running, Atkinson cycle 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to a compact, high-output, water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor. The two power plants drive the rear wheels both independently and in sync as needed. This makes it the first premium performance sedan to be equipped with a V6 Atkinson cycle petrol engine and two-motor hybrid system, in a front engine rear-wheel drive vehicle. The engine has an output of 338 hp. The GS can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds.
Front bearing the distinct Lexus design
Fuel consumption is reduced thanks a new, mid-port intake tumble generator and the adoption of four-stroke, direct injection technology (D-4S). Engine noise, vibration and friction have been lowered through the adoption of lightweight chain technology. The cooling performance of the hybrid system’s Power Control Unit (PCU) helps reduce fuel consumption and has been improved through the adoption of dual cooling paths and a single-piece, integrated AC/DC converter. The PCU boosts motor drive voltage to a maximum 650V in Sport mode and limits it to a maximum of 500V in Eco mode under normal driving conditions where maximum output is not required. The motor is driven at lower voltage to provide a more environmentally-advanced driving performance to help enhance fuel efficiency.
Hybrid Engine 
The electric motor features lighter mounts and reduced friction. The system’s regenerative braking operation range has been expanded, contributing to further improvements in fuel efficiency. In addition, the battery layout has been redesigned. A new stacked configuration maximizing luggage space allows the GS to have more cargo area than the previous generation gas model. The new GS hybrid also features a Drive Mode selector. In addition to the Normal mode, the driver can customize the driving experience using Eco, Sport S, Sport S+ and EV modes.
Gear knob and button to engage different modes
The new suspension system is designed to help guide the GS through corners with precision. In the front suspension is made from aluminum and it employs larger bushings. The rear subframe has been completely redesigned to accommodate an all-new multi-link rear suspension. The rear suspension also has improved suspension geometry that retains tire cornering force and enhances rear control. With the stiffer platform and lighter components, the shocks can use lighter-viscosity oil, so they move easily and respond to small inputs more quickly.
Bamboo adorned interior
The use of front and rear aluminum suspension  helps reduce unsprung weight and results in significant improvements in agility, roll damping, ride comfort, body control and steering precision. Ventilated disc brakes that feature four-piston aluminum front calipers work with the latest electronic enhancements such as ABS help provide braking balance and control. The Lexus GS 450h’s Electronically Controlled Braking (ECB) system characteristics have been modified to provide greater responsiveness from the first touch of the pedal.
The Lexus GS 450h will share the same luxurious and technological amenities as its gas counterpart, including next generation Remote Touch; analog clock with LED indicators, carved from an ingot; and a new energy-saving auto climate control system called S-Flow that focuses airflow only to the front area where passengers are actually seated. A few notable differences include a bamboo-finished steering wheel which reinforces its character as a hybrid.