What happens when you take a Toyota Land Cruiser and give it a bit more luxury items? The end result will surely be the Lexus RX 570, the best Toyota utility vehicle. What engineers at Lexus do is take a normal Land Cruiser make a few changes and the result is a new design consisting of a wide front grille with arrowhead design on the corners. Distinctive character lines in the hood convey a feeling of power while character lines are integrated into the bumper and lower intake to convey an aggressive stance. The large projector headlights are restyled to add a dose of sophistication to the beefy front end.

Lexus RX 570
The cut-line above the front fenders adds to the performance image while the wheel arches add an element of ruggedness to its clean profile. The running boards are fitted closer to the body to provide a more integrated appearance.

huge wheels lovely design all in one package

In the back, the LX features a sculpted rear door for a more dynamic look and wide combination lights that emphasize its large size. The combination lights and license plate are decorated with tasteful chrome accents. A six-spoke 20-inch alloy wheel design creates a two-dimensional appearance that is sporty yet elegant.

The two rear seats
Another addition to the modification department is a powerful.7-liter V8 engine that will produce 381 horsepower which is 110 more than the Land Cruiser. Married to it is a new six-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission. The ‘love’ consisting of sophisticated electronic management systems ensure the marriage gives rise to ‘twins’ known as optimal performance and fuel economy.

Notice how sporty it looks

To send the power to the four tires a full-time four-wheel-drive system together with sophisticated suspension ensures that the wheels are planted well on the road depending on the exposed road surface. The suspension absorbs bumps giving occupants a smooth relaxed ride on any surface.


Another addition is  a new blind corner monitor feature designed for use in urban settings such as exiting a parking garage. With cameras located within the grille and under the passenger side-view mirror, the driver can easily check hard-to-view areas by simply pressing a button on the dashboard and viewing the camera images on the navigation screen.

Driver Compartment

Open the huge doors and the luxury interior welcomes you with delight. The cabin is modern, civilized and characteristically quiet. It will also be equipped with an array of luxury amenities including four-zone climate control complete with numerous air vents. There are power-sliding seats, navigation with Bluetooth® capability and a nine-speaker premium audio system. Owners can also choose a number of optional amenities including climate controlled front seats and heated rear seats. The best option I would go for is the 19-speaker Mark Levinson® audio system with Reference Surround Sound and a hard disc drive capable of storing up to 2,000 songs.

Landcruser VX like rear look

They give you a cinematic experience as rear seat DVD entertainment system with a nine-inch screen keep your passengers occupied on long journeys. If you have more to spend there are luxury packages which come with features such as semi-aniline leather interior trim, a cool box in the front center console, illuminated scuff plates, unique wheel finish, a Smart Card key, and Bubinga wood trim (a wood used to craft fine furniture, instruments and to decorate private jets)
Splitting rear door

Lexus will offer you this amazing machine for a price of around Kshs 10 million excluding taxes. However the price goes up as one includes more items listed in the optional list.