Lexus RX 450 F Sport

The legendary Lexus RX range has undergone another major transformation both in design and performance. When it was introduced back in 1998, it took the title of the first Sport Luxury Vehicle (An SUV that combines characteristic of a SUV, Wagon and Sedan).
Aggressive front of the RX 450 Sport
It was also the first hybrid SUV in the world. Hence Lexus had to ensure that just like its previous predecessors it had to have something unique. 
Lexus RX 350
The new RX range now consists of four distinct models each suited for any particular taste. There is the RX 350, RX 350 F Sport, RX 450 hybrid and the RX 450 F Sport. This is a first for the Lexus RX series. 
Side of the RX 350
All RX models now have the new Lexus signature grill that consists of an inverted trapezoid upper grill that is combined with the lower slanted grill.
Rear of the RX 350
Next to the grill are new lens headlamps that incorporate a choice of halogen, High Intensity Discharge (HID) or LED headlamps. L-shaped LED daytime lights adorn the headlight giving the front a magnificent look.
Integrated rear spoiler
The RX F Sport models have Lexus F series signature spindle grill featuring a bolder sport bumper and F Sport exclusive mesh design. Fog lamps are also integrated into the sculpted lower front bumper.
Restyled front featuring the restyled headlamps
At the back, clear lenses are installed. LEDs have also been incorporated in the lenses to give the rear a majestic finish.
Rear of the RX 450 F Sport
There is also a rear spoiler and integrated brake lights on the rear bumper. On the RX F Sport a black diffuser runs all-round the rear bumper.
Lexus signature
The F Sport also sits lower on standard 19-inch split five-spoke wheels. With the RX one can choose between 18 inch and 19 inch wheels.  
Lexus R 350 F Sport
The RX 350 is powered by a 275hp, 3.5-liter V6 engine. The RX 350 F Sport comes with a powerful 3.5 litre V6 engine that generates 270hp. The RX 450 F Sport comes with a similar 3.5 litre V6 engine with the same 270 horses.
350 F Sport with the Lexus F bumper and grill
The RX 450 Hybrid has a Lexus Hybrid Drive system with a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine. The engine, combined with a new more efficient inverter, gives out an amazing 295 horses.
Flamboyant 19 inch spoke wheels
All engines are married to either an 8-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) or a 6-speed automatic transmission with Paddle Shift Control.
Black diffuser at the back
For the special girl, the RX 450 h, there are four drive select modes. There is Normal, for everyday driving, Sport, for fast and aggressive driving, ECO, for the fuel saver and EV (full electric) for eco-mentalist. For the rugged RX F Sport, a lateral performance damper system is incorporated.
Restyled steering and shifter paddles
This reduces undesirable body vibrations and also helps improve handling and comfort. However the dampers most important job is to reduce the overall floor vibrations. They do their job so perfectly that the interior is quieter than before. 
Rear comfort lounge
Inside the quieter interior is enough room for five occupants. There are also new interior color schemes, new finishes, new trim finishes, a restyled steering wheel and revised instrument cluster.
All new instrument cluster
For the F Sport RX there is a unique interior design treatment with punctured black leather-trimmed seats that have white perforation holes.
Lexus RX 450h (Hybrid)
White contrast stitching is visible on the seats, center console and door armrest. The steering wheel now has a relaxing grip with easy to press steering buttons.
Side of the RX 450 hybrid
Wood finish versions of the steering wheel are available with heated trims. The paddle shifters for the 6-speed automatic are located behind the steering wheel. The center console box has been redesigned to enhance its practicality.

Driver friendly cockpit

The USB port and accessory sockets have been moved closer to the top of the box interior for easier access. All new RX models come equipped with a newer version of the Remote Touch Interface (RTI). This allows for easier operation of the infotainment system.
Majestic rear of the RX 450 hybrid
The slide type joystick works just like a computer mouse. Auxiliary, USB and Bluetooth are on hand for connection of numerous music sources. 
Side of the RX 450 F Sport
All RX models come with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist (BA), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRAC). They also come with 10 standard airbags.  A sensor can deploy side curtain airbags in the event of a rollover.
Auxiliary ports
Safety optional extras include a blind spot warning system, lane departure warning, pre-collision warning and a head-up display that helps keep driver’s eyes on the road.

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