Maybach Xenatec Coupe

Maybach have for nine years provided luxury limousines for the rich and famous.

From celebrities in America, Europe, China to our very own King Mswati of Swaziland and the royalties of Dubai, Maybach has been the right choice for their transport needs. Maybach has just added a new baby to the basket of goodies. 

Frontal view
If the Maybach Xenatec was in a parking lot, you will be fooled to think that it’s the normal 57s but if you were keener you will notice that the bumper is new. It now features neatly arranged LEDs and has air intake that indicate that this is not your usual Maybach. As you walk to the side of the car, you realize there is no rear door an it hit’s you that it a coupe not a limousine. The doors are large enough to allow easier access to the rear seats.
Side view

The windscreen and rear screen are more steeply raked for a sporty feel. The design ensures that even if you are tall you are as comfortable as any normal height person. It also has new side panels as well as the front and rear fenders. The rear bumper with its twin exhaust gives it a more robust and majestic look and also adds a punch line ‘am sporty’. Lots more the 612-horsepower, 6-liter twin-turbo V12 monster under the bonnet (same engine as the sedan), is estimated to propel the coupe to 62 mph (100 kph) in five seconds flat!

For rich American rappers who love huge chrome rims, they will be happy to know that there are 21 inch wheels available as an option. The car suspension gives ocupants a comfortable ride found in it big sister. I think owners will spend more time admiring the car than actually driving it. If the polished instruments and refined materials in the car (which one can choose from endless options) don’t blow you mind away, then the comfort surely will. If I were lucky to buy one I would insist on all 57S accessories in the car.
From the leather seat, the LCD screens, the surround sound system and much importantly the sun roof to admire the beautiful sky as I am driven around town. Also I can’t forget the three dials that inform me of the actual speed of the car, the time and the temperature. This will be perfect for me or any passengers that I may invite into my little castle. The double glazed windows will provide the much needed silence as the leather seats message my back.
Inside the small castle

Anyway dreams sometimes never come true especially if one does not have € 675,000 (around Kshs 75 million) to spend. I haven’t even started with the option list which takes that price even higher. To shutter my dreams even further only 100 of this luxury on wheels will be in production. Owners will also be vetted to see if they are indeed capable of owning such a car.