McLaren MP4-12C Series


The McLaren name has been with us for quite sometime. It was on the one time the fastest production vehicle in the world, the McLaren F1.

McLaren MP4-12C ‘original’

Later the company collaborated with Mercedes and gave the world, the SLR McLaren, which was once the fastest automatic transmission production vehicle in the world. The name has also featured prominently in the mainstream Formula One.

McLaren F1
At one time it even had a 1200hp, manual shift F1 racer on the track. With all this amazing accomplishments McLaren had a huge task of delivering a monumental sports car that can deliver just like its predecessors. 

Borrows from its fore father the McLaren F1

What McLaren delivered is an all new two-seater mid engine sports car known as the MP4-12C. MP4 represents the new car’s racing ancestry, 12 represents the performance efficiency index of the car while C represents the carbon MonoCell found in the car. Unlike the other previous legendary sports cars this new beauty uses components made entirely by McLaren themselves. Every angle of this MP4-12C has been engineered to sing the song of performance in the outermost perfection.

Aggressive composed and precise
The charm begins at the front where it has huge air intakes that have been integrated into its large air splitter. Two distinctively styled front headlamps adorn each side of its short low bonnet.
Multifunctional steering wheel
They have a distinct McLaren logo shaped daytime running lights located just behind the powerful front bi-xenon headlamps.  At the center of the majestic design sits the McLaren logo.
Spyder in action
The windscreen is deep and low for superb forward visibility. In wet weather it is swept by a single weight-saving pantograph wiper blade just like it is on the McLaren F1.
Rear airbrake
Huge side vents help channel cool air to its side radiators. The side vent shape has been designed to offer the best flow of air to the radiators. Two large dihedral doors allow the driver and the passenger to get in and out of the car with ease.
dihedral doors
It has standard cast alloy wheels, 19-inch for front and 20-inch rear, fitted with bespoked Pirelli tyres. Its classy front and side looks are accompanied by an equally sensational rear design. Two large exhaust pipes exit from the high centre of the rear.
Aerodynamic design
The rear end is open to ensure efficient evacuation of hot air from the engine bay. The new McLaren build engine is visible through the rear windshield. Rear LED tail light clusters are hidden behind horizontal black bars.
With the roof up
They are only visible when they illuminate. The two upper bars light up as LED brake lights and turn indicators. A large airbrake completes the rear design. It is operated by transmission hydraulic that raises it to a certain angle to help in braking. A carbon fibre monocoque gives the whole body of the car great rigidity. The use of carbon fibre also lowers the average total weight of the car.
Open top driving experience
For the McLaren MP4-12C Spyder, the monocoque is retained. The spyder does not require any additional strengthening beams as the monocoque offers similar rigidity found in the coupe. The result is that it only weighs 40kg more than the coupe.
Active Dynamic Controls
It has a retractable hard top that can be operated at speeds of up to 30km/h. The roof is operated by a switch located in the lower section of the centre console inside the cabin. It only takes 17 seconds for the roof to raise or lower. Behind the driver and passenger sits a rear windscreen that can be raised or lowered electronically as well.
Best seat in the house
The screen located in the back acts as a wind deflector when the roof is down. In the coupe, luggage is stored inside the front bonnet. For the Spyder once can also store goods in the area under the tonnueau. It has an additional 52 litre of useful storage space.
Mid mounted V8 engine
To prevent injury when the roof is down it is fitted with passive Roll Over Protection System. The system incorporates a steel structure designed to absorb impact energy and protect both driver and passenger. The Spyder also has a new wheel design called ‘Diamond Cut’ finish that complements the alloy wheel design found in the coupe.
Upgraded McLaren
Behind the driver is a 3.8litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that initially generated 592hp. However McLaren engineers added a few upgrades to the powerplant menu and the result was and additional 25hp. The total output of the engine now stands at 616hp and has 600Nm of torque. Fuel economy is a record 11.7litres/100km covered.
McLaren MP4-12C Spyder
Married to the engine is a modified version of the 7-Speed Seamless Shift dual clutch gearbox (SSG). Power is sent to the rear wheels through two wet clutches and the SSG gear box.
Light aluminum cast alloy wheels 
The Seamless Shift system offers variable programmes ranging from ‘normal’ for road use and ‘sport’ for quicker changes right up to a lightning quick high ‘performance’ mode.
Carbon ceramic disc brakes
In ‘automatic’ mode, the ‘launch control’ and ‘winter’ modes can be selected with ease. McLaren MP4-12C’s suspension is based on double wishbones with coil springs.
Aggressive front look
The dampers are interconnected hydraulically and provide adaptive responses depending on both road conditions and driver preference. McLaren has also developed a composite braking system that uses a forged aluminium brake callipers that attaches to the cast iron disc.
McLaren in action
Carbon ceramic brakes will be available as an option, offering fade-free braking performance during high performance driving, but the standard composite brake system is actually lighter than the larger carbon ceramic units.
An interior inspired by F1 cars
A host if electronic systems such as ABS, ESP, ASR traction control, Electronic Brake Distribution, Hill Hold and Brake Steer ensure a safer driving experience at any given condition. 
McLaren logo inspired daytime running lights
Open its dihedral doors and one is invited to an amazing interior. The driver and passenger sit closer together. This leaves more room between the driver and the door panel.
A car that offers the best driving experience
Hence the driver has more space for arm movements during hard driving. The driver is surrounded by numerous controls. The climate controls are located on each door console while the telemetric on the upper centre console.
Side air intakes
The Active Dynamics Panel is located on the middle centre console while the transmission and minor controls are located on the centre tunnel console. The trip computer and cruise controls are placed on the multifunctional steering column. Both seats are comfortable and electrically-adjustable for height. Information is displayed through a 7 inch touch screen fitted in a ‘portrait’ mode.
Rear LED lights
There are three distinct interior options. The first is a full semi-aniline leather option. Here the coupe and the Spyder come with carbon black leather on all surfaces, along with optional colour-matched flat piping. Second on the interior option list is semi-aniline leather with colour coordinated seats.  
7-inch touch screen
This generally has the full semi-aniline interior option with the addition of colour coordinated door panels and seat inserts. A Semi-Aniline Leather with alcantara touches completes the interior option list. Alcantara is visible on the seats and door panels.
Enough space for storage of goods
In car entertainment is provided by a Meridian audio system. The new audio system comes with upgraded equalizer settings. Pure, Expanded and Extreme equalizer settings help to enhance the levels of bass and treble. Sound is delivered by a 5.1 sorround sound amplifer system connected to the car. A 2.2 soround system is also avaliable on order. 
Magnificent interior
The McLaren-MP4 C is an amazing car, truly a drivers car with plenty of power interior comfort and an economical engine. The Spyder offers an amazing open top driving experience.
View from the top
Prices for the coupe start from £125,000 or (Kshs. 16 million) to £175,000 (Kshs. 22 million) both excl taxes. The sexy Spyder goes for £195,000 (Kshs. 25 million excl. taxes). All past Mclaren customers will get the to the engine upgrades for free.